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  1. CookieJ added a comment on a blog entry 22/08/13 - Improvements   

    Hey man, just got an email about this comment (haven't been on here in almost 2 years)...

    When I used benzoyl peroxide cream before, even though I was relatively clear, my skin still looked unhealthy and dull in person. So I decided to go back on antibiotics and avoid using products on my skin. I've used erythromycin and doxycycline - both worked really well. In fact my skin is the clearest it's ever been in a long long time. The only problem of course is that once I stop taking this stuff, my skin will probably go back to being worse again, But at least I;m not using strong gels on my skin for now.

    As for my scars, unfortunately they got a lot worse... WheN I was using benzoyl peroxide, I was only using it on my face, not my chest because the skin is really sensitive. I didn't get many breakouts on my chest anyway, but whenever I did, it almost always led to a keloid because of the inflammation and clothes rubbing. I had to moisturise and be careful with everything to avoid the keoid developing. I went on like this for too long, and my keloids gradually got slightly bigger (and I got 1-2 more since then, all on my chest area).
    Since being back on antibiotics I don't have a problem because the breakouts and inflammation is gone.

    As far as I know the best treatment for keloids is the steroid injection thing, but where I live it's expensive (like £100-200 per session) and required multiple sessions possibly for years. I'm not sure if I can afford it and I'm worried it won't work anyway.

    I've told a few of my friends and my Dad, but i don't think they understand the impact of having them. And when I showed one of my friends once, he was shocked I could tell, but then pretended it was nothing

    I'm the same as u man. I basically never pursue relationships/opportunities anymore because of my keloids. i always think "what's the point, when she sees me witho9ut my shirt she'll think im disgusting" etc. It's ruined my confidence a lot. I used to be outgoing and sociable, now I'm more introverted and do my own thing, cycling,studies,family etc.

    I hope your treatment works. Flat/shiny scars is better than hard lumps I have to admit
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  4. CookieJ added a blog entry in Jono's BP Log   

    24.10.13 - Approx 3 Months Later
    As of right now my face is 100% acne-free i.e. no active spots.

    I still have redness, PIH and probably scars (especially on my sides), which may improve (or not) with time. But tbh, I no longer care I'm just so happy that my skin is better than it's ever been for several years, so this is good enough for me. It's already made a MASSIVE difference to my confidence, general feelings, overall social'ness, friendships, relationships etc. This is what I've been waiting for so long...

    To compare, here are pictures that I posted on August 15th: They don't really do justice to how things have changed, because about 2 months before those pics, my skin was literally 3x worse, and was like that for at least 3 years.
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  7. CookieJ added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    I feel great now. Back at uni and a new friend said that he didn't notice anything wrong with my skin. He didn't believe that I'd had acne problems in the past. Yet in August I had pretty bad skin. Only thing is I have to be strict with what I do.
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  8. CookieJ added a post in a topic A Lot Of Organic Food Contains Soy. Does This Aggravate Male Acne?   

    Depends on your body.

    I've tried breads/milks with soy and without soy, and for me, it hasn't made a single difference, so I've been eating soy as it's more convenient for me to buy. I haven't had any breakouts from it. My skin has actually felt calmer than ever. And strangely, my digestive problems have improved a lot since eating more soy products.

    Eating gluten is a different story though. I get breakouts that literally come out of nowhere if I consume too much gluten. I could have calm, clean skin, sit there and do nothing, not touch my face, and I'll break out. Usually these are inflamed red spots with no visible head.

    Don't cut everything out out of fear. Do experiments with yourself under controlled conditions. Having to restrict certain ingredients makes it hard to get enough quality/quantity of foods into your diet as it is. So you don't want to be making restrictions that aren't necessary.
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  9. CookieJ added a post in a topic Panoxyl 2.5% And 5% Aquagel Discontinued   

    I've found that quinoderm works equally as well, and is pretty much identical.
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  10. CookieJ added a comment on a blog entry Day 1--Fingers Crossed   

    Obtaining accutane without a prescription - what are you, a drug dealer? lol.. just kidding Best of luck. If it works then you should be "clear" in the literal sense.

    Imo, your skin doesn't look that bad at all! Do you only have it on the cheek region?
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  11. CookieJ added a comment on a blog entry Week 3   

    Nice blog title So true though...
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  12. CookieJ added a comment on a blog entry 10/09/13   

    Thanks! *Fingers Crossed*
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  13. CookieJ added a blog entry in Jono's BP Log   

    The good news: My skin is 97.5% acne-free! I have a lot of PIH, though this should fade with time. I might take some pictures in a few days.

    The bad news: I know for a fact that my acne will return if I stop using BP - even if I try to "taper" off of it. I also know for a fact I will break out if I let my diet become crappy. I've been experimenting with this for the last 4 years, and I'm now 100% sure about it. In fact, at least in my experience, I don't think BP alone works for me. If my diet is poor whilst using BP, the redness is ridiculous, and I still continue to break out (just not as much as I would without using BP). This was also the case when I used Erythromycin back in 2009 - it only worked in conjunction with a good diet. Without that, I'd still break out. However with that said, diet alone is not enough to prevent me from breaking out (at least not yet, until I "grow" out of it). So yeah, I need to maintain pretty strict eating habits (which I've come to accept and enjoy anyway). But hey, this is the first time in a long time that my skin has been this good!
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  14. CookieJ added a post in a topic Clear Skin Or 100 Million Dollars?   

    Would I be allowed to make use of the money to fix my skin, or would my skin not be curable in this case?
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  15. CookieJ added a post in a topic Water Fast For Scars And Acne   

    I really wouldn't do this. A total water fast, even if anecdotally has improved scars, I still wouldn't do.

    What someone else said about fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours is called intermittent fasting (IF). It's been linked (but still needs more research) with better energy levels, improved blood markers such as better insulin sensitivity, lower cholesterol levels, reduced inflammation (IGF1) levels etc.

    I personally tried IF last summer until this March (eating all of my calories from midday-8pm) and I'll admit that I felt more energy in the mornings. But I think this was because I was intolerant to gluten, wheat and dairy. So, in effect, I think the only reason I felt better without eating was because my body didn't have to deal with those foods. But after eating all of my food, I felt really tired and wanted to do nothing but sleep.

    In March when was when I stopped doing IF. I caught a bug and passed out in the morning. Wasn't fun. They told me I had dangerously low blood sugar levels. From then on I always made sure to eat something every few hours to maintain more consistent blood sugar levels.

    So my (newly updated) opinion of fasting is that it's bad.
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