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  1. UPDATE: 2 years and 8 months later!

    IT REALLY WORKS First off I cannot stress enough how much the regimen works! It works, it works, it works... You just need to be consistent, keep up the routine, and the advice on how to care for your skin. Why my late post? Well time has flown by and i have been MIA because my hubby and I have made huge changes in life. Like no joke: moving to another country. However, when a friend of mine mentioned the concern she had re: her acne it made me think of and I referred her to it. Then it hit me that although I swear by the product/site/info I never actually updated the site with my results and it bothers me when people don't do that! haha So here is what I have to say: I saw the beginning results of following the regimen within the first month. My hubby really noticed a change in about 4 months. I finally gained control of my acne and learned how to care for my skin in about 9 months ... and to this day I keep following what I learned here. It has worked for me. Biggest change I made: Being gentle on my skin and I stopped touching my face so much. That and using's benzoyl peroxide as my go to product if ever I notice any changes occurring with my skin. My advice to any newbies: Take advantage of the information that gives to it's readers. It is important to understand how to treat our skin. Then, basically, keep up with it & Be patient. I really hope this works for you as well! Side Note: I promise to take a moment to find my before and after pics to update the post with!