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  1. nikkimixam added a blog entry in Nikkimixam's Blog   

    Day 7... Really Day 1
    Finished the summer off right. Went out to eat many times these past few days, eating whatever the f I wanted. Went grocery shopping today. Today is day 1 for me. As of today, I have two zits on left cheek drying up. A tiny one drying up on my right cheek. 3-5 drying up on my chin and two drying up on my forehead. Mind you, I ate a little bit of everything yesterday so a little dairy, gluten, nightshades, etc. Being good from here on out. I will update in a week! Pictures too! I'm expecting a massive breakout because of my Shitty diet these past couple of days. Maybe the chromium will help? We shall see.
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  2. nikkimixam added a comment on a blog entry It's Hard   

    How's it going for you?
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  3. nikkimixam added a blog entry in Nikkimixam's Blog   

    Starting Over Day 1
    Sooo.. just thought I'd use this as a place to track everything I'm doing for my skin. If I log, maybe I'll stay on track! Was doing low gi for a few weeks, my skin was getting so much better. Also started juicing a bit and taking extra supplements... until my best friends bday last week and my bfs bday a couple of days ago. Today, I now have about 6 new zits that just sprouted overnight. Could've been anything really.. lIquor, cookies, burgers, brownies, pizza, etc. I'm starting new tomorrow. I'm hoping this gets better fast! I only did low gi about 3 weeks last time and my skin improved tremendously! Scars as well. Here is what ill be doing:

    Diet: low gi. Lots of non starchy vegetables, lean meats and healthy oils and avocados. Following the autoimmune protocol as well so no nightshades, citrus, alcohol, NSAIDS, nuts, seeds, eggs, caffeine. Eat a decent amount of sauerkraut. That's it.
    Juicing whenever possible. No fruit.
    Ginger, roasted dandelion root and chamomile tea.

    Supplements:1 tsp Cod liver oil, 2000 ius d3, 250 mg calcium, 400 mg magnesium glycinate, milk thistle extract, triphala, 22 mg zinc picolinate, 400 mcg chromium picolinate, probiotics.

    Topically: Simple gel facewash from walgreens, green tea teabag as a toner every other day and grapeseed oil as a moisturizer. May use my pca skin perfecting protection moisturizer in the daytime which has zinc oxide for spf.

    Revlon colorstay foundation on spots only.
    I'm attaching some before pictures, taken today. And just so everyone knows, my phone tends to make everything look a lot smoother and clearer than it really is! I have ice pick scars that are hard to see in the picture. I will post one every week.
    That's all for now. Will update in a few days!
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  4. nikkimixam added a post in a topic Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids   

    I read that flax oil has the perfect 3 to 6 omega ratio. One of the more superior oils. Is this not correct? ?
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  5. nikkimixam added a post in a topic Magnesium Supplement?   

    I have been taking magnesium glycinate in the pill form for several days now and I'm quite pleased. Could be too early to tell, but I sleep like a rock now! Before, I would wake up still feeling tired and groggy. Now that isn't the case anymore! Also, my bowels are starting to become regular, once a day. I read that magnesium helps with this. I also feel better overall. Ill update in a week to let you all know if this is still working for me!
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  6. nikkimixam added a post in a topic Magnesium Supplement?   

    I just bought some magnesium glycinate and calcium supplements today. I'm pretty sure I'm deficient in both especially since I've been eating a paleo diet for quite some time now. I don't eat any nuts either and I'm not that great at consuming my leafy greens, I eat more cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc..and I read that these contain magnesium. I also read that calcium helps to absorb the magnesium better. Ill update to see if this helps with anything! I have issues with constipation, sleep, memory loss, fatigue, depression, etc.. I read that magnesium may help with all of these. We shall see!
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  7. nikkimixam added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Magnesium Supplement?
    What are your thoughts on supplementing magnesium? Any success or improvements? Which form/brands do you prefer? I heard magnesium glycinate is the most gentle form o f magnesium. What are your thoughts or suggestions? And how much do you take? Do you take any other supplements with it? Notice any bowel differences or differences in sleep pattern? Thank you very much!
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  8. nikkimixam added a post in a topic Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne   

    I thought I quoted you. Please read what I wrote above↑) One more thing, were you experiencing any other symptoms along with your acne? I know you said you had rosacea as well. What about hair loss, dark circles or digestion issues?
    Also, I love your blogs! Is there a way I can get an update whenever you post a new blog?
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  9. nikkimixam added a post in a topic Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne   

    Hi alternativista! I tried to pm you, but it wouldn't let me..I've been searching through the forums like a maniac and you seem to be very knowledgeable in helping people with their acne. I was just wondering if you could give me some advice. I currently eat paleo, autoimmune protocol as well so no nightshades, nuts, seeds, eggs, alcohol, NSAIDS, and also no citrus fruits. I also stopped eating sweet potatoes as well as any other starchy vegetable. I'm trying to follow an anti-candida/low glycemic diet as well. On top of all that, I just started juicing, only vegetables. I also started taking cod liver oil, milk thistle extract, probiotics and drinking some acv with each meal. I bought some bubbies sauerkraut as well to eat with my meals. For a face wash, I use a brand called Simple, which contains no soap, alcohol, perfumes or dyes. I tone, at night only, with diluted acv, then moisturize with jojoba oil at night. In the daytime, I use a different moisturizer with spf. I'm still breaking out. My digrestion is terrible. I just started taking triphala and 2 tbsp of physillium husk a day to get my bowels going since I am constipated. Been doing this maybe 5 days now. Although I am going more often, my bowels have the consistency of gum and I don't feel like I completely go each time. I guess what I mean to ask is, is there anything else I should incorporate or leave out of my diet? Any supplements I should add or can do without? Also, I want to get back into weightlifting, will this cause me to breakout more? What should I eat postworkout, since I read that lower carbs are better for acne? How can I fix my digestion? Sorry if this doesn't make sense, Im using my phone. If it helps, I've had acne for a couple of years now. I'm depressed as well.. Thank you so much! !! I'm very happy you found what works for you! I can't imagine dealing with this for as long as you have! !
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  10. nikkimixam added a post in a topic Carbs/sugars Cause My Acne, When In Ketosis Low Carb/high Fat I Have No Acne At All - Insulin Response   

    I'm curious about this as well. Have you tried just eating a low amount of carbs postworkout? For example, half a sweet potato?
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  11. nikkimixam added a post in a topic Success Compilation Thread   

    I wanna see more success stories! ! I'm currently eating a low gi/anti candida/paleo type diet. All of my meals consist of meat, healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil and avocados and lots of veggies except I'm not consuming nightshades at the moment. I'm not eating starchy veggies either, so no sweet potatoes, yams, etc.. I'm currently taking probiotics, cod liver oil, milk thistle extract and a multivitamin. I also juice veggies only, once in the morning and drink some acv with each meal. My face wash is from a brand called simple, which you can purchase at a drugstore. It doesn't contain any perfumes or dyes and is great for sensitive skin. I also apply acv as a toner at night only, then moisturize with jojoba oil. I'm posting here because my skin hasn't been this great in years. I'm breaking out less often and my scars are lightening up fairly quick. I've only been doing this for about 1.5 weeks and I believe that if I continue this, I could be 100% clear within the next few months or so. It's still VERY early to tell, but I'd love to be able to find this page later, that way, I can post my success story! Congratulations to everyone that has had success in clearing up their acne!
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  12. nikkimixam added a comment on a gallery image March 31 2013   

    Me now, clear! I grin so hard when I look at these pics. It's been such a journey and such a struggle trying to get my damn acne under control. I know that my skin is far from being conventionally "perfect" but I don't care. I've worked hard, sacrificed a lot, and I'm proud of where I am today.
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