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  1. Recell Spray On Skin For All Scars

    I'm pretty sure this is a scam like most modern treatments...
  2. Treat the big one on your forehead with subcision. I would recommend not treating the others at all, you will probably end up making them worse!
  3. Scarless Healing

    Why is the top excision 1 cm longer and wouldn't that affect the outcome???
  4. Recell For Hypopigmentation Burn

    Doctors take advantage of so many desperate people... it's sickening
  5. Recell For Hypopigmentation Burn

    Yeah Recell is a total sham I think, which is why it still isn't FDA approved.
  6. Recell For Hypopigmentation Burn

    I too have hypopigmentation. I've tried ginger for 3 months and topical Bimatoprost with Fraxel and had no improvement whatsoever.  There was this announcement earlier this month but it's based on the Excimer laser which I was told doesn't work. Honestly I doubt anything will improve hypopigmentation at this time. Trying a procedure at this point is an act of desperation and a waste of money (especially if you are short on cash). I'm sorry this happened to you...