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  1. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 5: Skin improving day by day, don't think I've noticed any new cyst, face looking better and better. If it continues this way, I'm 100% clear in 2 months tops and my red marks will be at least 50% faded. Really happy with the results so far. Side effects: dry face, hair and lips, totally manageable so far, nothing too harsh.
  2. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    1 month completed: Got 2 or 3 new cysts, way less than in the first 3 weeks, my face is looking better and better, healing, not inflamed or oily anymore, really satisfied with the way things are going so far. Had a derm appointment, upped my dosage from 20mg/day to 20mg/today, 30mg/tomorrow for this month and will start taking 30mg/day in January. She said the optimal cumulative dosage for me would be 80mg/kg, if my face is doing all right, so that would be 5 more months to go.   Side effects: dry face, hair and lips, totally manageable so far, nothing too harsh.
  3. Is it safe to get root canals while on Accutane? I asked my derm about it and she said I shouldn't get surgeries, but are root canals safe? Thanks.
  4. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 3: Going good, again, few cysts popping here and there, less than in the first two weeks, face is not inflamed or oily and looking pretty good. Derm appointment next week. Side effects: no headaches anymore, face, hair and lips are getting drier and drier, no itchy scalp anymore.
  5. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 2: Going good, had a few cysts pop here and there, less than the first week, my face is not inflamed and not oily anymore. Side effects: Had just one headache, nothing special. My face and hair are getting drier and drier. I've got an itchy scalp and I've noticed minor hair loss, but that happened before when my hair was thinning, nothing special. Lips and nose are starting to get dry as well. Totally manageable so far.
  6. @il90, not only you have a reading comprehension problem, but you also seem very stupid, so I'll stop bothering and hopefully Naomi got it from the get-go.
  7. I feel like this discussion is repeating itself, because either you have a reading comprehension problem, or just ignoring fact presented to me by professionals from their experience, after hundreds and hundres of pacients. I've also had dermatologists reinforce the theory that Accutane won't help and diet will and 8 months later, I've found out they were extremely wrong in my case. You are also very biased and exaggerate numbers and facts. Of course there are some risks involved and some people didn't get good results, but that's a small percentage of people, just like with Accutane and permanent side effects. Those bad stories will have a much, much bigger impact than the successful ones. I've also seen cases where re:pair didn't do much, but I've seen a whole lot more where re:pair worked great. Same thing can be told about dermapen/prp/peelings or whatever. You are obviously biased and scared of the potential risks, so you chose to believe what makes you comfortable. Not everybody has an easy case of scarring, which might be fixed with cheaper and safer alternatives and even then, it's totally person dependable. People with tough cases of scarring should discuss with professionals, in order to decide what's best for them, not what worked or not on different people. So good luck to everyone, make sure to post photos when you're done with your sessions.
  8. Either your dermatologist didn't know what he was talking about, or you got it wrong. The down-time means the amount of time that needs to pass until your skin doesn't look burned, swollen, red etc., that's 10-14 days at the maximum energy level settings (kj) for re:pair, for re:store it's less obviously. After the 14 days from re:pair, you might still notice redness for a week or so, but it's easily coverable. Your skin will continue to regenerate and produce collagen and you will see the best results after 3-6 months, not immediatly, that's what your derm was probably saying.
  9. If you had actually talked to a dermatologist/clinic about these procedures, instead of just reading online here and there, you would have known that re:pair is a single treatment procedure, just as other brands of fractional/co2 lasers nowadays. 3 of the last 4 dermatologists told me that needing a second session of those is very rare and you'll get a deal if need be, some discount, but they said the big majority doesn't need a second session, and you'll have to wait 6 months to a year first. Obviously it depends on how bad your scars are and how good your skin heals. Again, at most of the clinics here, they present you their cases with every method involed and re:store had not that good/good/very good results from what I've seen with my own eyes. Now, if you think those pictures are photoshopped or whatever, even the cases that didn't have good results imo, then so be it.
  10. What has happened this forum1?

    Fwiw, I kept a super strict diet for almost 8 months and I thoroughly regret wasting so much time on this nonsense. Yeah, it might help some people, but I'm convinced it doesn't cure moderate/severe acne, because that's what most people want, not some temporary improvement. For 8 months I haven't had sugar, dairy, chips, fast-food, oceanic fish, high glycemic index food (none, 0), corn, eggs, bananas, grapes, nuts, almonds, soda, sweets, pasta, pizza, potatoes, white rice, foods rich in iodine etc., nothing, 0. Not a single cheat day, not a single bite or sip of what I wrote and it didn't do much, I was pretty clear for a few months on the diet (while I was taking antibiotics as well) and then the breakouts started getting worse and worse. I was also drinking 4L of water a day and exercising 5 days a week. Didn't tan either and I was using SPF 30 whenever I was going out.
  11. Definitely, but Naomi lives in Hungary which is very close to Romania, where there are many clinics with lasers/other methods. I get what you're saying, for example I've read that a root canal in the USA can cost 500-1000$, here you can get it for as cheap as 100$. Don't know if I'm allowed to post links, but I can PM you if you're curious. Don't know about Fraxel re:fine, but you can get re:store for 150e/session and re:pair for 1200-1400 euro (single treatment procedure). But it's true, you have to be careful, because here in my city I've found clinics (dermatology and stomatology) performing the same methods and charging double or more on every procedure, just because they're located in expensive neighbourhoods. You can also pick other fractional lasers here as well, not necessary Fraxel. Let me know if you want me to PM you some links.
  12. yeah, I've seen your thread and you can't compare your scars to hers. so you will have to pay 600 pounds for 2 sessions, that's about 850 euro, 6 (if need be) fraxel sessions (for example) = 6 x 150 euro = 900 euro and I'm convinced you can get better results. make sure to post pictures after you finish your second session, no matter what the results are. but then again, you're already pulling the "my pictures are not that good, the scars are way worse" thing, so yeah. good luck to everyone.
  13. lol. Subcision = 20-30 euro/cm2, the girl who made the topic has a big surface to correct, that's about 30-35 cm2 on each cheek, so at least 60 cm2. The aenesthesia alone is about 200-300 euro. Dermapen = 120-150 euro/session , you might need 4-8 sessions. PRP = 250-300 euro, you will need about 3 sessions. Even if she goes for PRP or dermapen, she will most likely still need fillers or peelings as well. It's not about how risky or pricey these methods are, it's about if you will have good results and you can't just pick one because someone on the Internet told you. I hope the girl who made this topic is smart enough to realise she has a pretty tough case of scars that needs professional attention if she wants serious improvement.
  14. If by brainwashed you mean VISIA/dermatoscopy/computerised session to calculate severity/deepness/pigmentation/tone of my skin etc. and then showing me about 500 cases with different methods of correcting acne/scars and letting me to choose one method for the future, then yeah, they brainwashed me. Don't really care what 20 people are saying on the Internet, not even 100, because that's an irrelevant sample size. From what I've seen and discussed with my derm, Fraxel would get me the best results. And then again, that's totally person dependable. The 1k pounds Fraxel Laser is meant to be made once every 4-5 years and not everybody is suitable for that. You can get 4-6 100-150 euro sessions spread over the course of 3-9 months, here in my country. Don't know about your country and I won't deny medicine in general is a money business, but here, every time I asked about peelings, lasers, light therapy, they've told me they can do it, but it would be a gamble and I might not get as good results as I could get with Accutane. When it came to scars, they didn't push anything on me, they showed me their results and let me choose what I want/can afford. It wouldn't have made sense to tell me to consider Fraxel if they wouldn't have great results to back it up and show me. And fwiw, "cheap and not risky" things have done exactly nothing for me so far. But then again, that's totally person depandable.
  15. yeah, well I'm the one whose been told what I've said here by 4 different dermatologists and I'm the one who had 2 VISIA sessions, dermatoscopy and other computerised session in order to determine how bad my acne/scars are, in the last 3 months. you cannot tell the severity of acne/scars by looking up images on google, that's not how you calculate it. My derm showed me over 500 cases she had with acne/scars in the last 5 years and the results she had with Fraxel, peelings, needling, different light therapy, subcision etc. you can read a glimpse about scars here. your face doesn't have to be disfigured by scars/acne in order to consider it severe, that's not how those parameters work. Not every derm tells you about Fraxel, but most of them do, because that's the most efficient way to this day, for complicated scars. Yes, there are "some" bad stories, but not "most" people damaged their skin. And even then, the results are not entirely based on what method you use for your scars, there are many other things to be taken into account, like overall health, the way you produce colagen, skin tone/colour, the way your body heals etc. That's like Roaccutane, there are "some" bad stories, but that's a very small percentage, which is making a lot of noise, obviously. No, you don't have to wait 6-12+ months after Roaccutane, that's you again quoting nonsense from very old articles, repetead brainlessly by people who probably never took Accutane in the first place. There were many wrong facts about Roaccutane, most of them linked with dosage, cumulative dosage, lenght of treatment, scar correction after treatment, which have been studied and proved wrong in the last years, especially from european dermatologists. you can see something about it here. In case you missed it, I've actually been told these things recently by different dermatologists and I've been shown similar cases as mine. But hey, you probably know better than them because you've read 3 reviews and 2 articles from 2005. Hopefully the girl who made this topic won't waste time and money because of that.  
  16. pretty mind blowing the quantity of bad advice around here. you have moderate to severe scars, I will be left after Roaccutane with almost the same scars you have and 4 dermatologists I've been in the last 3 months told me that Fraxel laser is the only thing that will get me good results and I'll have to get 4-6 sessions and the best results might be seen after 6 monts and up to a year. I live in Romania, btw and I'm telling you what dermatologists told me, not what I believe it would be good for me. My current derm told me I have to wait at least 3 months after Roaccutane in order to get Fraxel laser.
  17. which site you're talking about?
  18. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 1: Going pretty good, don't know if I had an initial breakout, or just randomly breaking out, but I had two days when my face was really inflamed and I got a few new cysts (on the back of my head, jawline, neck and cheeks). It wasn't worse than any of the breakouts I had in the last year and now my face looks good, the cysts are slowly drying, not inflamed anymore. If this was the IB, I got off very, very cheap. Side effects: I had a few days with mild headaches and stomach ache, nothing special, didn't take any meds to make them go away. Everything is fine now, I feel great. Also, my hair is thinning a little bit, but so it did when I had breakouts earlier this year. My derm told me is because there's too much sebum drowning the hair at the base. My face was oilier than usual this week. Don't think it's because of Accutane, it might be from that breakout I had.
  19. Age 25...Losing Hope...Need advice

    same boat, check my log, I started Roaccutane almost a week ago. good luck
  20. Accutane 40mg every other day?

    Depends on your derm, I've read about people taking 1mg/kg a day, just like your case (or every other day) and derms that prescribe 20mg/daily for someone like me, weighing 62kg. The recommended dosage is between 0.5-1mg/kg, so you're fine.
  21. thanks, how long are you going to be on Accutane? Are you going to stay on 20mg/day?
  22. So my face was pretty dry in the last 8 months or so, started Roaccutane a few days ago and I've noticed my face getting significantly oilier. Anyone had the same reaction? Does it mean the medicine starts working? Thank you.
  23. In the same boat as you are, check my log. I chose to get on Roaccutane 5 years after nothing has worked for me.
  24. check out my log, I'm in the same boat as you are and I wish I started taking Accutane years ago.