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  1. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    I will make some photos in a few days and I'll post some photos I found about 2 weeks into the treatments, when I got my IB.
  2. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 26:Same as above, derm appointment next week. So far I've taken ~4750mg of Roaccutane (give or take 10/20/30mg).
  3. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 25:Incredible results so far, feels so good to be able to look yourself in the mirror without feeling the need to break it Roaccutane is working spectacular for me so far, my face is crystal clear, no new cysts, whitheads, nodules etc. for 4 months now. What I've also noticed and my derm mentioned something about it when I first started the medicine, is that my scars are not so deep anymore, they kinda filled a little bit, obviously not a tremendous amount, but still, it is noticeable. The red marks are fading as well, but very slow, as my derm said, they will go away faster after I finishe my course. I would give my course so far a 10/10 without second thought.
  4. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    6 months completed:Same as above, going smooth. I have a derm appointment in a couple of weeks, last one was 3 months ago. Going to ask my derm to keep me on the medicine until I hit 100 mg/kg or something, feels safer like this and I also got a bit fatter, like 8 kg or so.
  5. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 23:Same thing, going great. If it wasn't for the red marks (there are like 70% faded) and the scars, my face would be crystal clear. Feels good man
  6. Root canals on Accutane?

    update, hada few root canals and got 3 wisdom teeth pulled out, everything healed great, no problem whatsoever.
  7. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 22: Same as the above, didn't have such clear skin in probably 5 years or something, feels amazing.
  8. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 21:Smooth sailing, nothing new to report. Good luck to all of us!
  9. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    5 months completedand they went away really fast. I wasn't expecting my course to go so smoothly, can't really complain about anything so far. I'm basically not bothered by any side effect at all, no new cyst popping for 3 months now and my face is looking better and better. I so hope it will stay like this after I finish my course. Would be nice if everybody had such an easy time on the medicine as I have.
  10. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 19:Going really well again, no new cysts popping for almost 3 months now and the side effects are barely noticeable. My face clear and the red marks are slowly going away. I also got some root canal treatment and 3 wisdom teeth pulled out and everything healed perfectly.
  11. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 18:Nothing new to report, really happy with my course so far. My plans of going in other country to work for the summer might change, so I might ask my derm to keep me on the medicine until I reach 100mg/kg, as opposed to 80mg/kg as we initially discussed, just to make sure the acne has the lowest chance of coming back.
  12. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    thanks, got a new lip balm and if it doesn't work either, I'll give it a shot.
  13. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 17:Smooth ride so far, the skin is healing nicely, I wish the red marks would fade away faster, but my derm told me they will go away faster after I finish my course. Really satisfied with my course so far, the side effects are barely noticeable and I wish I had been using lip balm more often, because my bottom lip is cracked for like a month now and is repairing so slowly. Good luck to all of you!
  14. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    thanks, good luck to you too
  15. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    4 months completed:Going great, no new cysts popped for a couple of months now, the side effects are barely noticeable.
  16. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 15:Going good again, I'm very happy with my course so far. Spoke to my derm and she wants to get me to 80mg/kg, so I have a few months left. Same side effects, lips are really dry and I have a huge cut on my bottom lip for a few weeks now.