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  1. Accutane is giving me cysts??

    Everyone reacts different to the medicine. I've had cysts in my first 2 months on the medicine and nothing afterwards, while some people were breaking out even in their last months of the course. Hang on there and don't give up!
  2. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    9 months completed: Fwiw, I've been counting the months as 4 weeks and not 30 days, so that's actually ~8 and a half months. So far I've taken 5960 mg of Roaccutane. Spoke to my derm and I'll take 10mg/day for another month, then she'll decide if she keeps me on the medicine or not. The problem is that I started the course with 63 kg and now I'm at like 74 kg, couldn't lose weight due to bad schedule and laziness, but I'll have more free time in a few weeks. Things are going smooth, face looking better and better, almost 7 months with no cysts. My face and scars are actually looking better than I thought, took a photo in a studio, with bright light, and I thought it would look much worse, but absolutely not. Will probably take another one in a few weeks and I'll post it here. Those damn car tinted windows are the devil, my scars look horrible in those. I also got SPF 50+ cream, but I try to stay away from the Sun as much as possible. Good luck to all of you!
  3. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 34: Second week on 10mg/day, things are still going smooth. The only annoying thing I get, 3-4 days after I use my beard trimmer, are these red bumps (5-6), that go away in a few days. Don't know if it's from the trimmer, or maybe I'm doing it wrong. The thing is I don't get them right away, but after 3-4 days or something. I will try to wash my face with warm water for a couple of minutes before the trimming and then wash with cold water after that, just as I would do if I was shaving. If anyone has any tips, please let me know. Good luck to all of you!
  4. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 32: Finished a month since my last derm appointment, I've been taken 20mg/day. Things have gone the same so far, extremely smooth, nothing really bothers me. Almost 6 months since I've had any cysts, nodules, papules etc. Didn't manage to drop weight, though. Starting tomorrow I'll take 10mg/day for a month and after that my derm will decide if I keep on taking it for an extra month, or not. I've taken a total of 5660mg of Roaccutane. Best of luck to all of you!
  5. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    ty sir, good luck to you too!
  6. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Back from the derm appointment, in a couple of days it should be Week 28, nothing new to report, almost 5 months since cysts, nodules, papules etc. Things are going really well and so far I've taken ~5060mg of Roaccutane. I started my course weighing 63 kg, but now I'm at 73 kg and I will start to lose weight today, so I'll calculate my dosage taken at an avg. of 68kg. My derm decreased my dosage, from 30mg/day to 20mg/day for a month, 10mg/day for the next month and if I'm not back to 68kg or less by then, I will take an extra month of 10mg/day and that will be the end of my Roaccutane course. I don't think I should update this thread weekly anymore, unless I note something worth mentioning. I found some photos taken at about two weeks into my course, when I had my IB. I have a little bit of foundation on, nothing special. My face back then looked at about 5/10, compared to how bad my acne used to be in the past. And this is how my face looks today, natural light and bathroom neon light, close-up photos. Can't wait to have all my red marks gone. Also, my derm said usually the scars start filling 6 months+ after the course starts, she said I might not even need to correct them, but we'll see. Feel free to ask me anything.
  7. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    One thing I forgot to mention is that I get some sort of bumps, noncolored and red ones, after I use the bread trimmer. They don't hurt, nor form a white head, they just go away in a few days. I get like 4-5 of those, don't know if it's because of the trimmer or I'm not doing it properly. They do leave sometimes a bit of a red mark, that goes away in like a week or smth.
  8. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 27: Same as above, will post a few pictures asap. derm appointment on monday, hopefully my derm keeps me on the medicine until I hit at least 100mg/kg.
  9. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    I will make some photos in a few days and I'll post some photos I found about 2 weeks into the treatments, when I got my IB.
  10. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 26: Same as above, derm appointment next week. So far I've taken ~4750mg of Roaccutane (give or take 10/20/30mg).