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  1. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 15: Going good again, I'm very happy with my course so far. Spoke to my derm and she wants to get me to 80mg/kg, so I have a few months left. Same side effects, lips are really dry and I have a huge cut on my bottom lip for a few weeks now.
  2. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 14: Going good, nothing new to report. Same side effects, lips are really dry. Sucks that the red marks go away so slowly.
  3. accutane 10mg severe headache day 1

    I had headaches and stomach aches in the first week on Accutane, then they went away.
  4. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    yep, I usually put something afterwards, but I forgot  thanks for the post
  5. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 13: Going good again, got 3 pimples that went away in 24 hrs, got them from tweezing my eyebrows (I did it wrong probably) and not putting any cream afterwards I guess. Same side effects, lips are really dry though.
  6. Acnotin (Isotretinoin) 20mg

    Had a few headaches (and my stomach hurt a bit too) when I first started to take the medicine, but I didn't take anything to make it go away. You can take some Ibuprofen if it's really bothering you, but most likely the headaches will stop after a few days on the medicine.
  7. Acnotin (Isotretinoin) 20mg

    - Drink plenty of water - Don't expect results on a short-term, that's why you have to take the medicine for 6-8 months. We react differently to the medicine, some of us have an IB, some of us don't. Some people clear up in the first month, some have breakouts even in their 5th month. - Take your medicine at the same hours (roughly) every day and take it with a big meal with some fatty foods (I personally have a piece of toast with butter and one with salmon and butter). The Isotretinoin absorbs better with fatty food. - Wash your face two times a day, that's optimal. Some studies have shown that people with acne that wash their face more than 2 times a day, are healing slower than the people washing their face 2 times a day. - Don't stress about the side effects, just ignore them as much as possible. And don't stress in general. - Carry lip balm and use it as much as you can, if you feel the need. You don't want your lips cracking. - Ask your derm about any other medicine or supplements you might take, some of then don't mix well with Isotretinoin Good luck!
  8. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    My Tinnitus wasn't caused by Accutane and even if it would have been, I would still take it, I can't go back to having severe acne at 25yo. 3 months completed: Going smooth, skin is healing nicely and the red marks are slowly fading. I have the same side effects, only slightly drier lips, can't complain about it though.
  9. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    What do you mean what mechanism? They said if the nerve was damaged, you have 24hrs to try and get oral or IV steroids and other stuff (corticosteroids I guess). But even then, the chances are not that great you'll get cured. If that doesn't work, there are many ways to treat it, but it seems like there isn't much success with those methods either. Mine still didn't go away 100%, it's still there but not that loud, my doctor said it can take up to 8 weeks to completely go away, so hopefully I get lucky this time and I get cured.
  10. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 11: Nothing new to report, going good, restarting 30mg/day.
  11. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 10: Got medicine for the Tinnitus and it's slowly going away, I got lucky this time, as the nerve wasn't affected, therefore, the Accutane wasn't the culprit. Most likely I got it from a cold I had about a month and a half ago. Nothing new popped on my face, those 2 cysts from last week are slowly fading away and my skin is healing nicely. The side effects are barely noticeable. Restarting Roaccutane with 20mg/day and when the Tinnitus is gone completely, I'll go up to 30mg/day again. Good luck to all of you and happy new year.
  12. Got some new tests today, the nerve wasn't affected, therefore, the Accutane wasn't the culprit.
  13. 30 Day 2 Litre Water Challenge

    I used to drink like maybe 1L of water a week, including the water I swallowed while brushing my teeth  Then I started to drink 3-4L of water a day for 8 months, no soda whatsoever, didn't see any improvement, but it's definitely healthier. You can easily do it if you buy 0.5L bottles and keep one of them around you all the time. Good luck
  14.   It is, but I can't blame it on Roaccutane, because there are so many reasons why you can develop Tinnitus. Stress, blood pressure, Nurofen, dental work, TMJ, a cold, infections, loud noises etc.
  15. Thanks. Apparently, Tinnitus can develop from a bunch of things. In the last 2 months I've been a lot to the dentist, took Roaccutane, took Nurofen, had a cold, all of these combined with stress, not sleeping enough, coffeine etc., might have caused me Tinnitus. I'm currently off the Roaccutane for a week and taking medicine to try and fix the Tinnitus. The derm told me I can stay off the Roaccutane for 14 days, before my course gets affected. I so hope the Tinnitus will go away, never thought I will miss silence so much.
  16. I woke up this morning with a lound ringing in my ear, the volume has lowered a bit now and it's more of a buzzing, but it's pretty annoying and I can hear it if it's quiet in the room. If there's noise in the room, I can still hear it, but not as loud. Currently taking 30mg/day (my dosage was upped last week) and my derm said I should stop taking it for a week to see what happens. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to have my ears checked. Anyone in here who went through this?
  17. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    Week 9: First week on 30mg/day is going horribly wrong. Woke up this morning with a loud ringing in my right ear, I guess it is Tinnitus. The volume has lowered a little bit, but I can still hear it even if there's noise in the room. When it's quiet in the room, the ringing/buzzing is pretty loud. Called my derm and she said to take a break from Roaccutane for a week. She said this is a rare side effect, usually happening on a higher dosage. Going to get my ears checked tomorrow. I also have a mild headache. I hope this thing isn't permanent. Skin is healing pretty good though, even though I got a cyst on my jawline and one on my cheeck, I guess it could be from the dosage increase. The other side effects are barely noticeable.
  18. does it seem to be working well?

      not necessarily, I've had a few of those and they just went away.
  19. does it seem to be working well?

    my derm said my red marks will be gone before I finish my six month course, that's all I know. don't worry about them, Accutane is healing your face  nicely and those red marks will go soon, you'll notice when they start fading.
  20. does it seem to be working well?

    it's definitely working, almost all your active acne is gone, but you're left with those red marks that take a while to go away, usually between 3-6 months.
  21. Accutane, the last resort. 23 yo female

    that's odd, never heard of that. good luck with the treatment ;D
  22. Roaccutane journey (25M)

    2 months completed: Going smooth, no cysts/nodules/papules/white heads for weeks now, my face is healing nicely. The only thing I've noticed now and then (in the last weeks as well), are some white/reddish clogged pores (5-6 of them), barely noticeable, you have to look really close to see them, they don't hurt and don't form a white head. They go away in a few days and it might be from the way I use my beard trimmer, I don't know. I've also gotten a few small pimples on my scalp, right after I cut my hair, so that could be from the clipper as well.   Side effects:  dry face, hair and lips, totally manageable so far, nothing too harsh, can't even tell I'm on Roaccutane.   Starting to take 30mg/day. Happy holidays!
  23. Accutane, the last resort. 23 yo female

      You know you can't just skip Accutane whenever you want, right?
  24. Roaccutane journey (25M)

      we react different to the medicine, some people didn't see improvement until their last months of the treatment, so hang on ;D
  25. Roaccutane journey (25M)

      really? what type of cream?