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  1. namz added a post in a topic Under The Skin Acne On Back   

    Thanks guys .
    Doc has put on some anti biotics , He asked me to wait for 4 days and come back again for check up . Its been 2 days no diff yet , infact its feel more fluffed up and hard.

    Will definitely buy Retinol cream 1st thing tomm morning. Meanwhile , I have AHA 10 lotion and Detol antiseptic cream handy , Can I use one of them ?

    EDIT : And yes I Googled more and it does feels like a cyst.
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    Under The Skin Acne On Back
    Hi guys ,

    I am living with an inch big under the skin (with no head) acne on my back. It is exactly in middle of my back and effects my sleep as well as there is some pain in it as well.

    Usually when I get Acnes , I put in some lemon juice and that clears them in few days but this one is not going away. Its already been 3 days and lemon juice and Benzac has not made any impact on it .

    Would appreciate suggestions what else I can do to get this fixed .

    Thanks in adv.
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