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  1. ktlouise added a post in a topic Am I Safe To Drink If I Stop Taking Accutane For A Day?   

    it wouldn't make a difference if you stopped taking them because the drug would still be in your system anyway. although ideally you shouldn't drink at all, i don't think the odd occasion would hurt so just let yourself go for tonight
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  2. ktlouise added a post in a topic The Face Wash I Normally Use Is Out Of Stock For 3 Weeks? Help!:(   

    i've never even heard of that, but i looked it up and i'm not keen on all these herbal remedies i don't know i just think the likelihood of them working is very low. thanks so much for your suggestion though!

    yeah i found some websites selling that, but again they were all in america and i live in the uk so they'd take too long to get here thanks though

    yeah i was gonna stop using it as soon as the dryness became too much, i haven't hardly any dryness at all yet (worrying?) so i thought it was ok.

    why didn't i think of cetaphil! i'm currently using the moisturiser so that'd be the perfect thing to go alongside it, gonna buy some today - thanks so much
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  3. ktlouise added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    The Face Wash I Normally Use Is Out Of Stock For 3 Weeks? Help!:(
    i was told by the first dermatologist i saw to start using a 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash, so i searched online and found one that looked suitable, it's by dcl skincare and i get it from the same seller on ebay every few weeks and wash my face with it every morning and night alongside taking roaccutane. however i went to buy it the other day and my order was backlogged because apparently they've ran out of stock and won't be getting it in for another 3-4 weeks i looked for it elsewhere but every website that stocks it seems to have the same problem, so i'm guessing it's a supplier issue. i did find alternatives online as well but literally every single one is shipped from america (why does the uk not stock anything like this?!) so i'd end up waiting about the same time for them anyway. so now for the past few days all i've been washing my face with is water and i feel disgusting and it's really stressing me out because i don't know if i'm making my skin worse. i do have face washes from when i used to obsessively wash my face with about five different products, but i don't know if using these would make it better or worse. should i just wash with water until the benzoyl peroxide wash arrives? or has anyone got any recommendations i should buy?
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