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    Hi. chemical based products also dry out my skin and made things worse because it disrupted the ph balance. You should try reveal it's natural and gentle. It completely transformed by face.
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    You can purchase the product on www.revealurskin.ca
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    Get Clear Skin
    I'm in my late twenties and I suffered from adult acne and oily skin. I tried everything you name it. Most over the counter products are chemical based and dry out my skin and irritate it. In fact my skin got worse. So I have switch to a natural product call Reveal Natural skin care, and I swear by this product it cleared my skin, evened my skin tone and it glows now. I have not broke out since I have use it. I highly recommend it. The best part is its natural and gentle.

    I posted before and after shot for prove of me and someone I recommend it to.
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