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  1. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Is It Acne Or Pityrosporum Folliculitis? *with Pic*   

    yeah dude thats acne, the only thing that help me when i had acne on my four head, i used mandelic acids and tca peel it cleared up fast and simple. I really suggest you check this website MUAC, they have really affordable and effective products.
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  2. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic First Day Using Minimal Products!   

    Thats Great To Hear, Told you that tea tree is like MAGIC !
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  3. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic First Day Using Minimal Products!   

    I would suggest you to use something natural like honey or plain yogurt to cleanse your face day and night. Both of them are just wonderful, they really help your skin out. There both anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and they deep clean the pores. I personal use honey and yogurt to cleanse my face and as a face mask, and they had made my face so much better. Used tea tree oil for those few blemishes you have, it really works better than anything else.

    You say you want to give your body a break, drink green tea, it has lots of antioxidants. It will definitely detox your body and make it feel more clean. It will also help keep your hormones in check, if your dealing with hormonal problems. Eat your vegetables and get plenty of sleep, and dont forget drinking lots of water.

    Try this for 4 days (If it dosent help out then i have failed you )
    Washing face with honey or yogurt ( It by it self will clean your skin, and moisturize )
    At night use tea tree oil on the few blemishes ( It might sting abit, just daq a q-tip on it, that way you dont irritate your skin cause it is strong )

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  4. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic First Day Using Minimal Products!   

    I done the caveman regimen for about 3-5 weeks, it totally clear my acne, i only had like 3 or 4 zits, i showered every 2 days. If you have a few zits like i did it would be effective but if your have alot i would stay away and find a better solution. You look like a lovely lady, you should check out this website MUAC , they have very affected chemical peels that you can do at home, very easy and simple, i tried them so has my lovely mama, she had hormonal acne and it was really bad. She tried the lactic acid peel about 4 times and by the 2 peel her skin just looked amazing, and by the 4 her acne and scacrs where gone. It took about 5 weeks or so ; a peel every week. Your choice thoe, theres a good blog called TheLoveVitamin Tracy (BloggersName) did the caveman regimen and so many others as well, she wrote about her experience and how it was working out for her and her result her really amazing. Go and check it out, it might help you with what your looking for. ^.^

    I Hope in some way i was helpful.
    I would love to hear about and see your results ^.^
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  5. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Skin Looks Raw And Bad.   

    Argan oil is not going to heal your skin bro, i personally used argan oil hoping it would heal the skin but it dint do much for me really, i would say it made face abit worse. If i was you i would stop using BP, start using some thing like tea tree oil, i really think that tea tree oil is much better than bp it dosent make skin red or dry. You should check out and try this cleanser called Blemish buster for MUAC, its not drying, it really helped me with my oily face, and acne, and its natural, and it very affordable. You can all ways try a honey and oatmeal face mask, it will reduce redness and irritation you got going on, i promise you. You should use a moisturizer like Cerave at day then at night use argan oil, for me personally argan oil just made face feel dry.
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  6. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Skin Dryness   

    use cerave moisturizer its light and very moisturizing,
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  7. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Banish Acne Scar Treatment   

    chemical peels
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  8. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Comedonal Acne :(   

    No problem, ^>^ btw it can get kinda messy !
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  9. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Comedonal Acne :(   

    The way i got rid of mine in about a week i used a Mandelic acid 10% serum every other night, it really cleared most of my acne in about a week.
    Try using a face mask like clay or sulfur or even better cook oatmeal let it cool down and put drops of tea tree oil and apply for 3o minutes i found this way to be really effective right away. ^>^

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  10. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Aftermath Of Draining A Large Cyst   

    You should of left it alone , but i can relate. The green tea either decaffeinated or original kills acne causing bacteria. What work for me more effectively than holding a green tea bag on my face. Was applying honey mixed with some cinnamon and leaving it in over night. The cystic pimple subdue its size and it look much better. The honey opens the pore and kill the bacteria and moisturizes the skin while the cinnamon exfoliates and kills the bacteria aswell. I found this to be really effective when treating deep cysts and pimples that i personal made worse after popping. Try it out, 1 table spoon of raw honey and cinnamon easy ~[¤_¤]~
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  11. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Caveman Regimen...hmm.   

    I tried thiis my self back then for abot 3 weeks and it help me alot. I have oily skin and by the 2 week my skin was clear. I only got my face wet abit when i showerd every 3rd day. Keep it up ¥
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  12. isaacNeedsHelp added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Can I Apply Manuka Honey After A Light Chemical Peel?
    I been doing at home chemical peels from MUAC, i started with the 25% MAndelic acid for acne and pigmentation and scars left by acne after a series of 3 peels i move up to 40% mandelic acid peel. The first time i did this peel it took my skin about 6 days to completely heal , i used manuka honey +15 during the 3 day (Every Night) when my skin was a bit flaky and it speed up the healing i think im not sure. My question was [ Will manuka honey help the skin heal faster after any type of chemical peel, or what will? ]

    Thxs <3!
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  13. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Looking For Cause Of Back Acne.   

    Check out this website MUAC (MakeUpArtistsChoice)
    i been using they're toner and body wash for acne and its mostly gone and i been using it for about 4 weeks or so
    They also have really good chemical peels to treat acne as well

    - good luck
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  14. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Please Help Im Confused   

    i use this moisturizer from Simple

    really good, i been using it for 3 months or so really improve my skin.
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  15. isaacNeedsHelp added a post in a topic Things Only People With Acne Will Understand!   

    Yes, totally agree
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