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  1. Sunnivita added a blog entry in The Regimen Diaries   

    Video Update, Guys.
    Hello friends!

    I am so sorry (assuming anyone here was waiting for a follow-up) that I haven't posted in fo'evs!
    As I mentioned in my previous (what was that, a thousand years ago?) post, I was moving, starting classes, working, etc.

    Anywho. I made a video yesterday about my 'acne story' and I will provide the link below. It includes some updates about how my skin is doing on the regimen.

    Until the next post,

    Sierra (aka, 'Sunnivita').

    Here is el link:
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  2. Sunnivita added a blog entry in The Regimen Diaries   

    The Regimen; Day 24-26
    I am in the process of moving and I'll be uploading a video about my progress on the regimen as soon as chaos become relatively non-existant. I'm eight days away from starting fall term and I think my skin is adjusted to the full amount of bp by now (no, I don't feel as calm as that sentence would have you think). I am getting clearer and clearer every day and since there aren't any "bumps" on my skin anymore (just hyperpigmentation), I can achieve a clear look wearing only concealer. I've been on DKR for barely a month and I am already impressed with the results. I believe that as an acne sufferer, I've become hypersensitive to small changes in my skin and although to people who don't suffer from acne, these differences might seem negligible, I really do know that my skin has improved vastly. It is hard for all of us here to view any treatment without skepticism, especially if we've tried 'everything', but I am optimistic about this. It's not just that 'high' period you get from trying something new and having that initial 'faith'- The optimism comes directly from the observations I've seen in the condition of my skin.

    I am still waiting for my jojoba oil and AHA. As I've explained before, I've been using coconut oil since running out of jojoba oil, but my plan is to go back to the jojoba because science says it's the best you can use for facial skin, as it mimicks the sebum we produce naturally. There is no such research saying coconut oil is its equivalent, I just use it because I like it and I'm stubborn and more often than I'd like, I read studies selectively. Anywho. There's no way I'll run out of jojoba oil this time as the bottle is 8oz and in oil life that's like- immortality.
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  3. Sunnivita added a comment on a blog entry The Regimen; Day 22-23   

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  4. Sunnivita added a blog entry in The Regimen Diaries   

    The Regimen; Day 22-23
    I just ordered some jojoba oil and AHA, so that's happening. In other news, I've been using the full amount of benzyol peroxide for about a week now and lemme tell you- The improvement is evident. I swear to Zeus I only have one almost-gone pimple. Okay, this may be tmi for some of you, but it is of relative importance to note that I am on my period and this is the amount of active acne I have. One pimple.

    This is unbelievable. It's amazing and wonderful and awesome and all good things! I have hyperpigmentation, of course, but the skin is smooth. Now I'm just waiting for the AHA so that I can see if there is any improvement in the elimination of dead skin cells.
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  5. Sunnivita added a comment on a blog entry The Regimen; Day 15-16   

    Awesome! I am glad you decided to do try The Regimen. I believe that it's a good idea to invest in. I hope your package arrives soon (some people have complained about the waiting time, but mine came relatively fast). And I'm glad you liked my post!
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  6. Sunnivita added a blog entry in The Regimen Diaries   

    The Regimen; Day 17-21
    My internet has been a butt lately, but thankfully my university library isn't far. Today, the focus of my update will be all of the rule's I've totally not followed on DKR plus some things I've noticed since starting the full amount of bp. Okay, so I went into this thinking that I would follow every rule and never deviate from Dan's meticulously specific directions. The fact is- Life happened.

    Deviation 1:

    I don't think I've ever been as gentle as Dan suggests. I don't scrub, but I do rub. Especially in the clear places where I don't break out (the flakes are just too cumbersome, otherwise). Have I broken out horribly as a direct result of doing this? Who knows. The variable isn't controlled enough for me to answer that question. I have broken out, but there were many other things to consider such as the purge, my period breakout, random chance, etc.

    Deviation 2:

    I ran out of jojoba oil pretty early on because I was using an almost empty 2oz bottle and started using coconut oil (shocked gasps were heard all around). I know. I could've easily gone to a whole foods store and bought some, but the thing is, I wanted to try out the coconut oil. Now, the real shocker. I have not broken out, my flakes are under control, and that red rash I talked about a few posts back is completely gone (that thing lasted SO long). It's amazing, I love coconut oil. I know that the rash I had developed on my neck is gone because of coconut oil. I say this because I had similar ones on my arms way back in the day and they disappeared shortly after I used coconut oil. So... I'm going to be daring here and say that since studies and some amateur observation on my part say that coconut oil is good for irritation, that it has helped my skin in this situation as well.

    Deviation 3:

    I did the unthinkable and used my Clarisonic. Since I'm not really scrubbing my face or using an exfoliating cleanser, the flakes usually cause some serious clogging of pores (no, this is not due to the coconut oil because I noticed it way before I started using it). I'm really not sure where the "stuff" is coming from, but my pores and the stuff inside them became pretty visible a little after starting DKR. My chin and nose were the most affected areas and since I've never really broken out on those areas, I used my Clarisonic to clean out the gunk. It actually worked and now I feel my face is clean- and I haven't broken out.

    Deviation 4:

    I skipped a day. Okay, that was totally accidental. I took a "nap" once around 7pm and it quickly became much more than that. Long story short, I woke up next morning and realized that I'd skipped my night routine. I don't think it made a difference, but I'll try not to do that again.


    I understand that in order to instill legitimacy, there must be a certain amount of rigidity. That being said, I also know that subjectivity is such a human trait that every experience is vulnerable to it. I am not in any way suggesting that because I have not suffered because of my deviations from DKR that you will have the same experience. I am simply putting it out there that if you make a mistake or two or tweak your regimen in any way that you're probably not done for.

    The Good News!

    Other than one pimple on my cheek, my face feels very smooth. Of course I still have hyperpigmentation, but if I close my eyes and ignore that part, I know that the regimen is working. The dryness is pretty much gone, and I can wear concealer now with great results. Also, I started using the full amount of bp two days ago and I swear my skin is reacting totally fine. I don't know if the coconut oil is doing its calming thing, but my skin isn't even red. I am happy .
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  7. Sunnivita added a comment on a blog entry The Regimen; Day 14   

    Oh, please don't say that! Na, I'm prepared for the worse... anywho, on a much more interesting subject: The 11th! I'm think I'm in love, keep going back to him. He's just ... the most awkwardly attractive male I know (well... sort of know). Yeah, I know who the new Dr. will be... I just don't wanna face the reality of having a new one yet.
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  8. Sunnivita added a blog entry in The Regimen Diaries   

    The Regimen; Day 15-16
    Since last I wrote, I let you guys know that I started using about half a finger's length more of benzyol peroxide than usual, so I am using 3/4 of the ideal amount, which would be two finger's length. *I guess I was never really precise in describing what "a finger's length actually means", so here goes. I ordered the 8oz treatment so it doesn't come with the pump. Those of you that have the pump know that the amount you're working up to is two pumps. I sort of very freely assumed that the amount used to cover two fingers would be the equivalent of two pumps (that assumption is most very likely flawed). Of course I realize that the differences between finger lengths between individuals and the fingers themselves must be taken into account and that this crude measurement system may not work for everyone. Just for reference, the length of my fingers are as follows: Index finger, 6.6cm or 2.6in; Middle finger, 7.7cm or 3in. Let's just say that this form of monitoring the amount of bp you'll be applying is supremely personalized. Unless you end up buying the treatment version that comes with the pump dispenser. In that case, the measurements will be legit and much simpler.

    So now that that's cleared up, I can explain how this small increase affected my skin. The redness is back, my friends. I had not commented on this fact before, but every time, since I began using the products, right after I applied the moisturizer, my skin would sting. I've been dismissing it as normal, and rationalized it by assuming that it was caused by some sort of reaction between the bp and the moisturizer. Note that I always allow each layer to dry completely and I am strict on this matter, so I'm confused as to what is the cause. I had also assumed that the redness was caused by that irritation. Anywho. Before adding the extra half-pump*, my skin had been rid of the redness for about a week- It was just dry. Today, the morning after applying more bp, I woke up with a red face. I know that my skin will adjust in the next couple of days but I just wanted to comment on these happenings to relay the importance of allowing time for adjustment. If you have something coming up (like the beginning of the new school year), this allowance of time will prevent you from going through an I-want-to-skip-class period.

    I know that all the blogs on this site are from very personal experiences and that we can never give someone a precise idea of what they themselves can experience on DKR, but as always, the hope is that someone out there will benefit from our observations. Good luck to all of you!
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  9. Sunnivita added a comment on a blog entry The Regimen; Day 11-13   

    Man, I really hope my skin is as yours and smoothness is reestablished! It does feel rough at the moment without any foreseeable improvement... I just hope it eventually gets on my side
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  10. Sunnivita added a blog entry in The Regimen Diaries   

    The Regimen; Day 14
    Yeah, If Dr. Who episodes weren't so long, and I so inclined to watch them, I'd be a much more productive blogger. There really isn't much to say today, so I forgive myself and deem my Dr. watching a noble and deeply enjoyable pastime. The Regimen happenings of the day are as follows: I really want to be adjusted to the full amount of benzyol peroxide by the time classes start (about 20 days from now- YIKES!), so last night, I upped the amount of bp I'm using by half a finger's length. The goal is to get to two full fingers' length of bp in about 10 days. My skin doesn't look worse as a result and the dryness hasn't really increased, so I'm a happy camper. Almost all the active pimples on my face (about 3) are now fully dry, so I'm hoping that I will be one of those people who stop breaking out altogether within one month. That said, I'm hoping that the encouragement I'm getting from fellow bloggers proves to be more than genuine good will and that this rough skin issue I'm having will soon disipate. I'm also looking forward to starting on the AHA in a few weeks. Today is officially my 14th day on The Regimen, so let's say... 14 more days?
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  11. Sunnivita added a comment on a blog entry Day 4   

    !!! I've heard of vegetable glycerin for dry skin. I suppose since it's a raw product, it couldn't do any harm, right? I'll check it out- Could use some more moisturizing power.
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  12. Sunnivita added a comment on a blog entry The Regimen; Day 10   

    I wish you luck on that! I thought I would be lucky as well, but was still curiously fascinated to see my skin go through one of "the phases". You know? It kinda validates the research... Going through an observed routine, obeying the acne-prone skin laws, lol. I'm just waiting for the conclusion of it all!
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  13. Sunnivita added a blog entry in The Regimen Diaries   

    The Regimen; Day 11-13
    As you'll notice from the title, I'm cramming three days' worth of updates into one post. I was deep in hibernation after finals and unwilling to move much for the last day or so and that's why I neglected this blog which I promised myself would be updated daily. Anywho. In my last post, I said that I had broken out quite a bit on my neck and right below my jawline- Basically, as close to the main "face area" as possible. To compensate for this, I started applying benzyol peroxide to about halfway down my neck. Two words- Elephant skin. Pink elephant skin. The benzyol peroxide really did a number on my neck and it itches, man. IT. ITCHES. On the plus side, the pimples that had appeared so enthusiastically, with such high hopes of destroying my face and optimism, are already shriveled up and one Jim Carrey gesture away from flaking off into whatever I'm eating (I know that image was gross. But you have to admit that the flakes be flyin' all over the place without discriminating between food, drink, the air you're sharing with other people, etc). Speaking of flakiness, although I've taken care of most of it by being overzealous with the moisturizer and jojoba oil, my face still has a tough texture. I bet if I were to zoom into my skin with a microscope, I'd have a superb setting for a western film. Makeup: Don't do it. It adds definition, separates, and enhances each individual flake. A good look for your lashes, NOT a good look for your skin. Right now, I'm not obliged to see or be seen by anyone though, so I don't have a problem with going bare. If you're not as fortunate, I'd say ignore the "less is more" regarding moisturizer and obey it regarding makeup.
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  14. Sunnivita added a blog entry in The Regimen Diaries   

    The Regimen; Day 10
    So I have a theory that my acne has a really bad case of separation anxiety. Also, I think that there are some real superheroes among them who keep trying to fight the bp by setting up camps on the outskirts of my face, vigilantly awaiting any chance to ambush. I say this because I've been getting some painful singles on my neck and one just manifested on the very edge of my face, close to my right ear (a real brave'un). Like- out of nowhere! Must be a ninja... The new pimples are not visible, because they're underneath my jaw, but I think this marks the beginning of "the purge". It's as if my acne were a population and my face the only populated city in the universe of my body. The usual hang-out spots are danger zones for p.acnes, now that benzyol peroxide's moved in. So now, some attached locals are just hanging out on the the edges of my face in hopes that I'll forget to apply benzyol peroxide some day. I have a feeling that I'll be one of those people who'll have to stay on the regimen for an indefinite amount of time. Right now, I've just decided to deal with the issue by applying bp as far down my neck as possible. Hopefully this will discourage the brave ones from trying to save their kind. Superheroes are good, but can you imagine the pimple version of The Hulk?
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  15. Sunnivita added a comment on a blog entry The Regimen; Day 9   


    Yes, the coconut oil I use is certified organic and USDA approved. It's a raw product, so it doesn't have any additives. Hmm... I think I'll wait some time before experimenting on my skin with it though. Meanwhile, I'll try to find some good jojoba oil somewhere where I can access it physically (I love Dan's products though because they come in ginormous quantities for the best price possible as well as being of top quality).
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