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    What I've Learnt About Acne Is Nobody Has A Clue...
    There is no quick fix, you just have to live with it and get over it tbh.

    I never had acne as a teen, I had a few spots here and there like anyone but as soon as I hit 21, suddenly I had crazy back acne and got loads of black heads on my face and started getting more craters than the moon. It made me depressed and I tried everything I could get a prescription for and all it left my skin was either red and itchy or no impact what so ever.

    I really think no one has a fucking clue, it's all guess work, antibiotics aren't a good idea for something so superficial either. Lets not create super bugs shall we, just for our chase after a cure, no frigging doctor has a clue, I'm always told conflicting evidence.

    What have I found great now I'm 25? I stopped worrying, if people think I'm ugly as a result, I don't care. I've spent the last handful of years alone because of it, I barely went out and never had sex because I was too scared I'd be seen as a freak....... I just stopped caring tbh.

    I ended up going in the sun more, doing more exercise, I start doing that Shaun T Insanity workout and forget about it. My acne has gotten better, it still exists, no treatment I've ever had has fixed it, however forgetting about it and just going outside has been the best treatment because I've been allowed a life, even if that hasn't had much impact on spots.... being inside and tired all the time was ageing me and making me more upset than spots.

    It's hard but you just have to fucking get over it and live with what you got. TV makes everyone see perfect... they aren't.
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