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  1. E-matrix questions

    If it is free, go in for a consultation. If you meet a good dermatologist (do not go to spas, bad reputation everywhere) he or she will recommend the best treatment for a good price. Unfortunately, it is better if the doc takes a personal look at your skin before prescribing anything. Remember, good docs take more time to assess your situation.
  2. I would like to suggest "" as a plausible platform because it allows you to also perform video streams from sites like youtube or netflix. In other words, it opens the option of movie nights, anime nights and the like, if you so choose to adopt it.
  3. Actually, allow me to interject-- the point of my post in literal form is "we are so obsessed with our faults that we completely missed life by disregarding any and all opportunities presented to us". Life doesn't care, time doesn't care: they are both inanimate concepts. But we do and should care for ourselves because we have the choice and perspective to do so. "If nobody else is going to treat me like a human, the devil be damned that I choose to torture myself by not treating me like one."
  4. Here's a mental exercise-- Not a daily ritual, a mental exercise, do not use it like a ritual because it is not intended that way. Think over it slowly, flip it over in your mind, forget it afterwards if you have to. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imagine looking in a mirror. That is you. You see you in the mirror. Tomorrow it is you. The day after it is you. So is the day after that. And your next birthday. And the next year. And the next five years. And the next decade. And your whole life. The person staring back from the mirror... Is he or her an art piece to you: cold, unliving, no dreams or desire, no thoughts or expression... No humanity? Have you been treating him or her, like a human would? Look into the mirror, who do you see? Who are you really looking at in this mirror? Why do you deny him or her that of which you give so freely to others? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Figures I add a story to this dog pile, here goes. When I was in college, it was nearing the end of my severe acne phase (cystic acne destroyed my skin during high school, I never had accutane), but still had the occasional pimples here and there. My scarring was at its peak worst: still red, fresh, deep and unadulterated by time or procedure. I had pitted scars that probably measured between 0.5~1mm deep by visual inspection, some shallow but the size of 1/4~1/2 a penny, and I avoided social events where photos were taken often like the plague. But during normal times like classes and casual hangouts I joked, and people around me laughed, I saved my self-loathing for the bathroom mirror whenever I shower or brush my teeth. There were a number of people from the opposite gender who expressed interest because I was a pretty interesting guy, or at least I made out to be that way with a conscious mental block about my scars. But this was only realized in retrospect, how foolish. Noting my unresponsiveness to her expression of interest, a girl once came up to me with her friend and hugged me for a solid five minutes or so... And all I could think of was "my word, her skin is flawless. My skin is bad and ugly. I don't deserve this." We are so afraid of people's opinions that we have no control over, but have we ever stopped once to think... "Are you being fair to yourself?" Live bold, live well. Take care.
  6. The Journey To Clear Skin

    I am sorry for what you are going through, 19 is an age of terrible mood swings for me and I relied heavily (back then) on sugar-free (read "sugar-free") energy drinks (don't do this) to elevate my mood. But it never solved the underlying anxiety and depression I felt, when I crashed I crashed hard. Before you do anything else, I suggest addressing your depression first, because scars may take some time to treat and many procedures-- you want to be as rational as possible when choosing a treatment, lord knows I spent way too much on a laser procedure, money spent that did not make sense or much changes to me today because my thoughts were disorientated by my depression, and I wanted a quick-fix. Depression also aggravates your internal perception of your scarring. I understand you want a "FIX IT! FIX IT NOW FOR GOD'S SAKE!" solution, I know I did. Young man, I am here to tell you what I wished someone told me back then: there is none, there is only incremental progress. So before you dive into invasive treatments, I strongly implore you to consider fixing or supplementing your nutrition by purchasing a bottle of good quality multi-vitamins. They are relatively cheap (get the upper shelf versions though) and I bet you can get a bottle from your campus pharmacy ... well, indulge me. Stress hormones take a strong toll on your body's chemistry, using up nutrients that would have otherwise be expanded for repair and maintenance. Depression is in part the body's inability to break down stress hormones properly after manufacturing them, in effect it lingers and accumulates in your system instead of getting recycled because your body does not have the right chemicals to do so. I apologize if this is not the answer you are looking for, mainly because I refuse to repeat what everyone has already mentioned in these forums: lasers, needles, abrasion, subscision posts can be found everywhere. Your body is an amazing self-repairing machine, but be realistic-- If you don't maintain the machine, it will break down slowly. You are welcomed to read this with skepticism. Take good care.
  7. Hello all, I hope this post finds you well. Allow me to preface this with a reintroduction, I had 1 session of CO2RE laser done 4 years ago and 1 session of RF Sublative done 3 years ago. My initial scarring includes a scattering of ice picks (literally, a scattering), large depressed scars from cystic acne (about the size of half a penny?), box cars and some raised nose bumps. Take it with a pinch of salt, but I think the RF sublative did the most good (I will not detail in this post), especially since I waited one year post laser-- I only did 1 session because I was swept up by life obligations. At someone's suggestion, I recently started taking B-vitamin, B3 specifically, two weeks ago as of this post to treat the mood disorder I had since very young. It worked really well for me, I am slower to anger, my general and social anxiety is gone, and I can rationalize more clearly. Two weeks into my supplements, I happen to look into the mirror and only thought "hmm, that's an interesting scar landscape"... And then I realize for once in my life I wasn't chronically obsessing over my pitted scars, but looking at an okay-looking fellow in the mirror with a sheepish grin. Then it hit me again. Could my vitamin-B deficiency, the root of my mood disorder, also be the cause of my skin problems? It made so much sense, especially since vitamin-B deficiency is associated to mood disruptions, skin problems and inflammation; severe acne is due to uncontrolled inflammation of the skin due to bacterial infection, scarring is both due to extensive damage and poor healing. In my case, I suspect my deficiency is a genetic factor that led to poor absorption or assimilation since birth, since one of my parent had the very same mood problems (very angry, impatient, obsessive) but during my recent visit (they were taking supplements longer than I) they spoke with a lot of calm and tolerated the other's complaints. My diet is broad and my environment is good, plus I am not an alcoholic. My sibling whom did not share my violent streak had poor skin quality, but their acne was less severe, though this may just be environment and quality of personal care. I wished I suspected this sooner, but if you are chronically obsessed over your skin like I was: looking, examining my scars 10 times a day, hiding my face while in public, afraid to look the opposite gender in their face because of over-awareness, I implore you to consider picking up a high-quality food derived vitamin-B3 or better yet B-complex and take it responsibly. Also be aware of any possible drug interactions. You will not necessarily see immediate results, again, take everything with a pinch of salt, but vitamin B is relatively cheap even if you opt for expensive options... Which I suggest you should anyway. Even if it doesn't alleviate your acne, it will help improve your mood. Take care, live well.