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    Bump On Nose Left From Zit/pimple.
    Hi guys, I'm just gonna jump right in, so basically about 5-6 months ago I got a huge pimple dead center on my nose. It did not come to a head so I sterilized a sowing needle and I poked it attempting to release some of the puss that had accumulated inside. Well idk if that's what I did wrong or what but ever since Feb. or so I have had a sometimes skin color bump on my nose. It does not hurt when touched and I have went to the doctor multiple times. The have prescribed me Veltin which has eliminated all my acne all I have is red marks from previous acne and maybe the accasional pimple every now and ten bump the bump on my nose remains. I don't know want to do and I'm literally dreading going anywhere because when I talk or look at someone I can notice their eyes go straight for the nose. The whole effing time they talk to me they look at my nose and it pisses me off and also makes me so very sad. I am so depressed and I'm hoping someone can tell me what to do before school starts back up.
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  2. Daniel3586 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Acne Bump On Nose
    So about 5 months ago I got this very huge zit/pimple dead center on my nose. I was 16 and not knowing much about acne treating, I sterilized a needle and poked it trying to let some of the puss that was inside of it. So pretty much I have had this bump where the pimple was. It won't go away but after I take a shower the swelling goes down but later in the day it returns to its normal state. This bump has caused me to be very depressed with myself and I no longer go many places and hang out with many people anymore because I have the feeling they are all just going to talk or look at my bump/scar what ever it is. I have went to my doctor and he gave me Veltin gel which has treated my moderate acne very well. My skin has become almost pimple free and has become very smooth now that I have been on Veltin but the bump is still there. Like I said earlier it has been 4-5 months on my nose. Maybe it could be skin build up or maybe there is still an infection in it? I am begging someone to help me because I can even as much go to the gas station to get a soft drink without having to act like I see someone or something so I can look the other way so they won't notice it. Can someone please give me advice
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