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  1. Djones175 added a post in a topic Starting Retin-A!   

    My quick personal story with retin-a. Started treatment July 2nd 2014, noticble improvement August 1st. I was prescribed tretinoin cream .05 + clindamyacin. I was to apply clindamyacin just the morning, then before bed apply Tretinoin. This worked FAST to clear up acne but I was left with unsightly "red" face. I was "over" medicating and transitiond to tretinoin only + spot treat clindamyacin as needed. Now for application, apply pea sized amount to cover entire face, after 1-2 mos the face will become "used" to the prescription. At this time I recomend spot treating stubborn areas after initial application, wait 20 mins then go to sleep. the Impact made by these two medications is unmeasurable. Remedy after remedy failed on me, I would try almost anything. Now I. A different person with clear skin

    Ok here are the products to use:
    wash: Cetephil gentle skin cleanser (not the face cleanser) there are two different kinds
    Sunscreen/lotion: Aveeno protect + hydrate 50spf for face
    Medication: clindamycin (only spot treat)

    Wash: Cetephil gentle skin cleanser
    Medication: tretinoin cream (pea sized amount) after 1-2 mos (spot treat) only at night

    Oh and no more scrubs, or dove crap soap. Not needed and anything that "bubbles" is horrible for the face.

    Xoxo have fun!
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  2. Djones175 added a comment on a blog entry Ready To Give Up On My Skin....   

    Try cutting dairy out, every time I eat a half gallon of ice cream I break out, ( I know it's not healthy to eat a half gallon ) also get the aha+ fast. Are u on the regimen? When in doubt use more bp like a thick fingers length, and always 2 pumps of moisturizer, don't skimp and be gentle. You'll be fine Ps mix half aha+ and half moisturizer ASAP every night
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