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  1. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    I've been on Ortho Cyclen for 2 weeks now. So far, I haven't had any negative side effects. I feel the same as I did prior to starting it. The rest of my routine is: AM: Cera Ve Foaming Cleanser Nip and Fab Glycolic Night Pads Derma E Purifying Oil-Free Charcoal Moisturizer PM: Same cleanser Same moisturizer Tazorac 0.1% I stopped using Finacea because so many topical were drying out my skin, and I'm too lazy to put on 3 different things in the mornings haha. I stopped using the Paula's Choice gels because it was annoying to always mix them and wait for the gel to dry - swiping a pad is much easier. I love te Nip and Fab ones! They have mandelic, salicylic, and glycolic acid, as well as hyaluronic acid, so they are great for my pores and hydrating too. They are also alcohol free. I really love the Derma E moisturizer as well - it is hydrating but does not make my face shiny. My skin has been so dry for the past few days. I'm not sure whether it's due to the birth control decreasing the sebum production in my skin, the cold weather, or the fact that I just switched from Taz cream to gel (pharmacy just gave me a different one, the switch was not intentional). Around my eyes, where I do not put the Taz is dry too though, so maybe it's the weather or my hormones.
  2. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    I was on Loryna (Yaz generic) for a week and I hated it. I had to pee all of the time (it's a diuretic) and I would wake up multiple times at night to use the bathroom. I also starting getting pain in my leg, shoulders, and arm. My doctor said the pain might be due to dehydration. I was drinking many, many glasses of water a day and always felt thirsty . So yeah, this pill is not for me. Instead, I got prescribed Ortho Cyclen. I'm really hoping this works - the progestin in it is low androgenic (as opposed to Loestrin, which is higher androgenic) so it should be good for acne. Loestrin already helped my skin be fairly clear (just because it stabilizes your hormones), but I did have bad periods of breakouts and my skin was never perfect. I'm hoping Ortho Cyclen is better. It also has a higher dose of estrogen (35 mcg vs. 20 in Loestrin and Yaz), so I'm wondering how this will affect me. I was looking for a higher dose, anyways, because I don't know if the 20 mcg was enough for me. I will let everyone know how this goes!
  3. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    My doctor gave me a prescription for Loryna, the generic of Yaz. I'm a little worried because I've read bad reviews of Yaz and health warnings, but if it regulates my mood swings and acne, it might be worth the risk. Also, there's a risk with any birth control. And I wasn't perfectly happy with Loestrin - I got really bad cramps with it, and would bleed if I took my pill even 3 hours late. My skin was also never super clear - definitely improved, but I would still get bad breakouts at times. So maybe something else would be nice to try. I took my first pill this evening. I will keep everyone updated on how my skin reacts as well as how this pill affects me otherwise
  4. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    So Finacea has helped somewhat, it seems to have eradicated some clogged pores. However, there are still so many clogs, and I keep getting cystic pimples, especially on my chin. I currently have 6 cysts on my face. I'm definitely at my wit's end - I've given my body 8 months to adjust and it has not. I'm also concerned about scarring from the cysts - I don't have any aside fro hyperpigmentation, but if it continues to get worse, it could be a concern. My skin was not great before BC, so I'm thinking I just have hormonal acne, and the only way to treat it is through BC. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow, and I'm going to get a new prescription. Hopefully it clears my skin up in a few months. I'm wondering how effective Tazorac actually is, if my acne seems to be hormonal. Is Taz really doing anything for me or would BC be sufficient? I'm a little scared to go off of it, though.
  5. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    Currently, my skin is not doing great. It's the worst it's been in a couple of years. I went off my birth control (Loestrin) in early June, and by the end of September, my skin was a mess. I have clogged pores (mostly around my chin and mouth) as well as some cystic pimples on my chin and between my eyes. I know it's hormonal because it's cystic and mostly on the lower part of my face. I'm so frustrated. I'm still using Taz at night and have started using Fiancea during the day. I'm really hoping that Fiancee helps to clear it up, so I'll see. However, I'm worried that I'll have to go back on birth control again. I saw my derm yesterday. She said that I could either do a series of expensive peels, go back on BC, or take Spironolactone. I don't want to spend a ton of money on peels (and if it's hormonal I'm not even getting to the root of the issue) and the side effects of Spiro scare me. Because I didn't have bad side effects on BC (I just hated taking a pill every day) I might go back on that. Ugh. For now, I'm seeing if Fiancee helps (my skin seems to be purging, which is a good sign) and thinking about going back on BC.