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  1. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    I'm halfway through my second pack of Ortho Cyclen. My skin is slowly improving I think! I haven't had any cysts that randomly pop up, just comedones already in my skin purging. So I'm still getting plenty of breakouts, but they're not massive cysts and I feel better because stuff is being pushed out. I hate feeling like my skin is out of control and breaking out for no reason, like it was before. My back is also still breaking out, but I feel like it's slowly getting better too. I think I'll be able to tell better when I'm done with the 3rd pack - gah I'm so impatient. Hyperpigmentation is a bit of a problem for me. I have pale skin so it doesn't pigment too bad, but there were a few bad breakouts over the last half year that left red marks. I'm hoping it fades with time and the Nip and Fab pads, but my acne def looks worse than it is because of this. I've started oil cleansing with evening primrose oil in the mornings because it has a high percentage of lineolic acid, which is good for clogged skin. I then wash it off with the Cera Ve foaming cleanser. I like using oil because it removes all the dry skin flakes, and with the winter and my skincare regimen, my skin can be pretty dry. A scrub can be too harsh and irritating, so gently massaging oil into my skin is the best way to get rid of flakes. I do it in the morning b/c I like my skin to look smooth and flake free during the day Also random things - the Origins cleanser actually irritates my skin because it has lemon oil in it and other essential oils. I've also started using the Nip and Fab pads every other day - my skin starts to peel if I use them every day.
  2. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    Finished my first pack of Ortho Cyclen. So far, so good - no negative side effects to note. My skin went through a pretty bad breakout during week 2 of this pack. It has cleared up (probably just my body adjusting to the hormones), but I'm still somewhat breaking out. Since week 2, I haven't had any more cysts, which is good - just clogged pores becoming inflamed (that were already there). I'm hoping everything is just slowly clearing up! I think it takes at least 3 months to tell if something works, so we will see. I remember the last time I went on Loestrin it took about 3-4 months for me to be clear. So I'm hoping by end of April/May my skin looks good! I'm currently doing an Aztec mud face mask - I'm hoping this helps everything clear by pulling some stuff out of my pores. I'm planning to start doing this once a week. My skins always seems healthier when I do it. I'm also looking for a good oil cleanser - I find that oil cleaners help to scrub off all of the dead skin flakes without being harsh - sometimes physically exfoliating scrubs can be too abrasive for me, while oil just kind of gently wipes them away. I tried my friend's Origins oil cleanser, and it was really nice, but its $30 so something cheaper would be ideal.
  3. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    I've been on Ortho Cyclen for 2 weeks now. So far, I haven't had any negative side effects. I feel the same as I did prior to starting it. The rest of my routine is: AM: Cera Ve Foaming Cleanser Nip and Fab Glycolic Night Pads Derma E Purifying Oil-Free Charcoal Moisturizer PM: Same cleanser Same moisturizer Tazorac 0.1% I stopped using Finacea because so many topical were drying out my skin, and I'm too lazy to put on 3 different things in the mornings haha. I stopped using the Paula's Choice gels because it was annoying to always mix them and wait for the gel to dry - swiping a pad is much easier. I love te Nip and Fab ones! They have mandelic, salicylic, and glycolic acid, as well as hyaluronic acid, so they are great for my pores and hydrating too. They are also alcohol free. I really love the Derma E moisturizer as well - it is hydrating but does not make my face shiny. My skin has been so dry for the past few days. I'm not sure whether it's due to the birth control decreasing the sebum production in my skin, the cold weather, or the fact that I just switched from Taz cream to gel (pharmacy just gave me a different one, the switch was not intentional). Around my eyes, where I do not put the Taz is dry too though, so maybe it's the weather or my hormones.
  4. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    I was on Loryna (Yaz generic) for a week and I hated it. I had to pee all of the time (it's a diuretic) and I would wake up multiple times at night to use the bathroom. I also starting getting pain in my leg, shoulders, and arm. My doctor said the pain might be due to dehydration. I was drinking many, many glasses of water a day and always felt thirsty . So yeah, this pill is not for me. Instead, I got prescribed Ortho Cyclen. I'm really hoping this works - the progestin in it is low androgenic (as opposed to Loestrin, which is higher androgenic) so it should be good for acne. Loestrin already helped my skin be fairly clear (just because it stabilizes your hormones), but I did have bad periods of breakouts and my skin was never perfect. I'm hoping Ortho Cyclen is better. It also has a higher dose of estrogen (35 mcg vs. 20 in Loestrin and Yaz), so I'm wondering how this will affect me. I was looking for a higher dose, anyways, because I don't know if the 20 mcg was enough for me. I will let everyone know how this goes!