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    Acne Is Winning...
    Hello there, I recently came across this forum. I joined because I finally feel like I belong somewhere, people that feel and know whats its like to be in my position. I've been fighting with acne for 9 painful years of my life, and I guess I'm not winning. I've tried everything..From countless dermatologist, over the counter medication, home remedies, prescribed medication(including the famous accutane) and nothing just nothing! I'm always depressed, people always make fun of me..I hate looking at my face because its so bad. What do you do when you feel like acne actually won. Its really hard for me, I mean what does it feel like to have normal skin? What is it like to feel normal and not like at outcast. Its so painful to have severe acne. I wish I could be positive and have my self esteem back because I can't, I've even tried getting that back which I've failed. I also have deep pitted acne scars which even proves to me that I'm such a failure. Why do i have to go through life feeling like I'll never be good enough because of my obvious flaw? Why must everyone around me have perfect skin except me? I'm so done with this I've tried everything! What do you do when there is no hope left again...please help me..
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