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  1. Should I stop using the regimen?

    Acne can be very persistent. It is very frustrating. But ultimately this decision is up to you. You can try to get off The Regimen and see how your face does, but the fact that you are still getting breakouts while on it (although only once daily) tells me that your face is still acne prone. If you want to get the acne under control, the Regimen works best when done very strictly twice per day, every single day. Also, keep in mind that for some people protein shakes may cause issues.
  2. Regimen

    The products for the body are the same as for the face just in larger packages, plus the process for treating body acne is a bit different than the face regimen. But if you are asking if you can use the same cleanser, treatment, and AHA for face and body, yes you can. I would get the large sizes if you are doing both face and body (16oz). Hope that helps.  
  3. Clarisonic with regimen?

    Dan really does not like cleansing tools such as the Clarisonic due to the irritation they can cause. He strongly urges you not to use one with The Regimen. Acne prone skin is easily irritated, and irritated skin = more breakouts. You want to treat your skin gently and wash with bare hands and a gentle cleanser.
  4. Why Am I Always Getting The Same Breakouts?

    Acne can be stubborn sometimes. For those stubborn areas, be really generous with the bp and use the AHA to spot treat as well. You could also try icing the area after washing but before applying any treatments.
  5. Why Is My Mouth Area Dark And Peeling?

    Skin darkening in the beginning is almost always due to dry skin. Be sure you are using plenty of moisturizer and add some extra jojoba oil drops at each application. That should help. If it doesn't you may need to reduce the amount of bp you are using in this particular area.
  6. Redness Of Skin

    Are you referring to the little red marks that acne leaves behind? Try these tips. Hope that helps.
  7. I would not use any other acne medications without checking with your dermatologist first. Here's why: Your doctor will need to get an accurate gauge of how Accutane is working for you in order to know when dosage adjustments may be needed. If you are using other medications that he doesn't know about, he may not get an accurate picture of what Accutane is doing. Also, using other acne medications while on Accutane will increase your chance of dry skin and irritation. Ideally you don't want to create more irritation as Accutane can be extremely drying and may be irritating at too. Bottom line, don't use anything that your doctor isn't aware of.
  8. Finding Time For The Regimen

    My best advice is to just make it part of your usual morning routine, rather that "add in extra time to do it". For instance, most people shower or wash their face in the morning anyway so that really is not an extra thing to have to do. After you have washed, go ahead and get your clothes on. By the time you are dressed your face should be dry enough to apply the bp. Take a couple of minutes to apply the bp then as it is drying go about your morning. Fix a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, fix your hair, feed the dog, check email, pack your backpack or whatever you would normally do to get ready to go. Then apply the moisturizer and you are good to go. It really should not add a lot of time to your morning unless you are just sitting around waiting in between the steps. Hope that helps.
  9. If this is working well for you, congrats! Glad you have found something that works well.
  10. Benzoyl Peroxide And Hair/eye Brow Bleaching

    I don't honestly have any tips for these areas. Mine are always lighter too but since I'm a blonde, it just looks like highlights in my hair and I use a brow pencil on my brows to make them a bit darker.
  11. Switching From Epiduo. How Much Bo?

    Rather than jump in with the full amount, go ahead and start as a newcomer would but you can probably go quicker in advancing the amount up. Whereas someone new to bp would take a month to work up to the full suggested amount, you can probably get there in a couple of weeks.