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  1. Who is box added a post in a topic Water Fast For Scars And Acne   

    how do you manage no food? Where do you get energy? Doesn't it make you starving all the time? I fast for like 12-16 hrs sometimes but not days. I am interested in trying it for like 3 days but that's as far as I would go. Can I have a guide on how to do it properly
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  2. Who is box added a post in a topic Pics*before And After Tca, Improvement?   

    The lighting looks different so I cant tell completely but I would say yes. The redness went down a lot too
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  3. Who is box added a post in a topic Does Zinc Supplements Really Help?   

    I have been taking it for a few days followed by vitamin d3 and have seen no difference. Looking back I feel like when I just ate healthy not worrying about my vitamins and stuff worked better but idk
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  4. Who is box added a post in a topic What I've Learnt About Acne Is Nobody Has A Clue...   

    Nobody is perfect. There are people out there who could have a good physical appearance but be mentally ill. My story is I went to work and did not say much at all because I was ashamed of my acne and marks/scars. I would go home and play Xbox until work basically. I would avoid any social situation. I finally decided to change that and go out once a week and kept increasing going out gradually and now it is no big deal. I am a lot happier and my skin is clearing a lot more as well. People go through so much worse than acne. One of my good friends had cancer in 9th grade and was not in school for a whole year. He was being treated, everyone was worried and he was at risk. You have a choice of how you want your acne to affect your life. I regret so much looking back and I am only 18 years old. All the parties, anything you name it. I didn't go because of my acne and to be honest I doubt people would have really cared. I don't want to keep looking back and regretting more and more down the road. I want to live the life I want to live and everyone has the right to do so. A great personality is very attractive and people can look right past your acne I promise. Nobody is perfect anyway so nobody has the right to judge you. A positive attitude can only help. Good luck to all of you.
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