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  1. Where do I go from here?

    A few more rounds of subcision would probably help with lifting up any bounded scar tissues. Some of the deeper scars on your cheeks (I call it deep divots) should respond well with a heavier filler- i.e. perlane, IMHO. However, I do understand where you're coming from, from having a not so good responds with the initial treatment. The biodegradable substances injected, though should last for at least 6 months would differ in every individual due to metabolism rate. Once you've achieved substantial results from subcision, perhaps try sculptra to help replace the area where tissue loss is significant. I hope this helps. All the best, Scarredemon
  2. Hey JJ94, Thanks a lot for the photo! I'd say you have predominately boxcar & ice pick scars and little rolling scars. It's good that you've thought about dermarolling, there's certainly room for this treatment. I would also suggest seeing a dermatologist for some TCA cross to lift the icepick scars as well as a few rounds of subcisions to lift any possible fibrous bands that are tethering the scars down. Once you're somewhat satisfied with the results, level things up by going for an aggressive session of laser treatment. All the best and do update us with your progress! Regards, Scarredemon
  3. Subcision is basically done with a needle, be it from the injectable syringe itself or with a smaller gauge needle (smaller gauge equates to larger diameter). Obviously, a smaller gauge needle would help tackle the tough scar tissues which are tethered down. Also, the other benefit would be it doesn't get blunt as quick as a regular injectable syringe needle. Now, some studies have shown that using a much smaller gauge needle, which is incised into the skin, could potentially cause scarring. Hence, the doctor is trying to be conservative. Also, the tolerance with a larger gauge needle would definitely be more comfortable for the norm. Ask your doctor if using a smaller gauge needle would be prudent before the procedure. I'm pretty sure most, if not all clinics would stock a range of sterile needle sizes. I'm just curious when did you last have your previous procedures done- Infini and bellafill ? Both of these treatments take time for deeper collagen to synthesize. It won't surprise me that it would take at least a year to appreciate the full results. Also, the three huge indentation you've mentioned, to me, looks like deep boxcar scars. Subcisions may or may not be helpful. I understand down time is an issue for you, but treatment for scars should not require one to two different modalities only. It should take multiple approach at an aggressive level. I hope this helps in one way or another. Also, congratulation on your marriage! I wish you all the best and please do update us with your progress. Regards, Scarredemon 
  4. Acne scar near mouth

    That linear depression resembles of nasolabial fold. Subcision would help to free any tethering structure. Also, combine it with fillers for better results. Do update us with your progress and all the best! Regards, scarredemon
  5. Hey Naomi, Thanks for the photos! I truly understand the pain you're going through. Dermarolling or needling would certainly be beneficial for reduction of scars appearance. However, I'd advise you keep your acne under control first. I see some active lesions and if you'd dermaroll the area, chances are the lesions would be infected and gets scarred or worse infecting other regions as well. Also, I see predominantly boxcar scars (those with sharp edges) and rolling scars. If possible, see a dermatologist that specialize in acne scarring. Request for subcision, it is a wonderful technique for rolling scars and to a certain degree, for boxcar scars. Please bear in mind that not all treatments would yield satisfactory results. Just because it work for one doesn't mean it work for you. I applaud your courage for moving on and I wish you all the best. Do update us on your next course of action. Regards, Scarredemon
  6. exfoliation?

    In tissue physiology, damage area undergo repairing until it hits a certain point. It is safe to say any area that stays the same for about a year would remain the same unless something is done. Those indentations, which you have mentioned that were about a year, would not get any better with simple superficial exfoliation. Regards, Scarredemon
  7. Hello there, thank you for the pictures. I'm glad that most of your scars have risen from your previous treatments and you are rather satisfied with it. I do understand the larger one that was caused by the most recent laser treatment. In my humble opinion, I would seriously discourage you from excising that area. From my understanding, that particular area is covered with scarring. Excising that large scar and stitching it back up with no healthy surrounding tissue would not achieve desirable results. Fibrotic tissues are still going to be fibrotic regardless you had it excised. Only if there are normal scarred free tissues that aid in healing, the chances of having better skin structure would be higher. I'd steer clear of excision unless the scars are very small and deep (ice picks). Perhaps subcision and fillers might help. All the best. Keep us updated with your next course of actions. Regards, Scarredemon
  8. need solution for acne scars

    I feel your pain and frustrations. I'm not going to sugar coat anything, a scarred area is definitely tough to return its original smooth texture. Having said that, there are certainly things you can employ to refine those scars to make it more aesthetically better looking. Based on your photos, I see a mixture of scars- icepicks, boxcar and rolling. See a dermatologist that specialize in acne scarring. The protocol of treatment should include TCA cross for ice pick scars, subcision for both boxcar and rolling. Those deeper boxcar scars on your right cheek could be beneficial with punch excision. And lastly, a deep ablative laser resurfacing to level things out. Be mindful that not all treatments would produce results. People have different physiology and this relates to the healing and expectation outcome. Also, I'd suggest you treat your acne first to prevent more scars formation! All the best! Keep us updated!
  9. SkinPen Treatment for Acne Scars?

    It would be helpful to know what types of acne scars are present. Majority have a combination of all types of atrophic scars i.e. ice-pick, boxcar and rolling scars. Different type of scars require different modalities to treat.
  10. Is subcision suitable for these scars?

    It would be wiser to ask your doctor for advice. Having said that, from my own experience and read ups, the effect would be minimal on boxcar scars- which you have mainly on the temples. However, some of those shallow rolling scars would be beneficial. Temple scaring is unfortunately tougher to treat as compared to the rest of the face. I'd say do an overall subcision on all scars and wait to see any visible improvements. If it doesn't work out, employ other treatments such as 3mm needling (at the dermatologist office) to damage the scarred tissues. Hope this helps. All the best!
  11. Radio Frequency Micro Needling

    Both employ the same source of energy to the injured site. However, the one with micro needling is slightly more invasive given the needles will penetrate into the epidermis and then the radio frequency would be transmitted downwards. The most common name/machine for the former is named as Infini. E-matrix, on the other hand, do not involve the use of needles. Obviously, Infini would produce a better response as the invasive needles would crush the fibrous tissue as well as the frequency source would be able to emitted at a deeper depth. Hope this helps.
  12. I've never come across Picosure but I believe it's to reduce the hyperpigmentation involved from acne. Whereas the latter is using radio frequency waves to bypass the epidermis and allows the energy to induce a greater depth of injury to the scarred site. I have had many sessions with radio-frequency treatments. Results attained are good on early shallow scars; for deeper and mature scars, I honestly did not see any improvements. Hope this helps.
  13. Fractional Co2 Resurfacing - My Experience

    The redness comes from the healing inflammation process. Inflammation can be good and bad. When something gets inflamed, the body tries to fix the area by chemical signaling. These signaling involves the attraction of cytokines and other mediators. The roles of these cytokines are to attract other mediators and also to get rid of the debris via macrophages and repair the area via vasodilation of the blood vessels. Therefore, in short, placing ice on the area constricts the blood vessels thus lesser responds towards the area. With lesser or delayed response to the injured area, the skin might not regenerate properly/heal correctly and further scarring would be possible. Hope this helps. And thank you for updating us with your progress. All the best!
  14. Using Pmd For Suctioning

    I've tried both the PMD and OwnDoc suction device. IMO, the PMD does not provide much of a suction mechanism and the surface in contact is suitable for smaller scars. On the other hand, the OwnDoc device covers a larger surface with a strong force. Also, with the PMD, the suction force did not give me any bruising. It suggest that its power is rather gentle. Perhaps, you can give it a go on a small scar as a try out patch area.