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  1. Zach Zach added a post in a topic Problem Sticking To Treatment Plan   

    Hmm, do you mean people seeing your calendar online? You can set an event to private or public so either just you can see it or everyone you're connected to on Google can see it.
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  2. Zach Zach added a post in a topic Have You Ever Suggested To A Stranger?   

    It's a tough situation, and just yesterday I felt really tempted to mention it to a couple people I saw. But, I know that I would get upset (perhaps not visibly) if someone had said something to me about acne even if they were trying to be helpful. It's very difficult to read people and comprehend their true motives for their actions which is why I would just not bother mentioning to someone. The other person may just take it the wrong way or get defensive. But hey, do whatever you wanna do!
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  3. Zach Zach added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    You have all the support in the world from me! It is a tough road and people can be brutal, but remember, there are more than just people in this world. When I feel down about basically anything (people, life, acne, etc.), I go outside and try to enjoy nature.

    You're faced with a challenge. A sports coach puts a player into a game when the coach feels the player can overcome the challenge. If you're faced with a huge challenge, that just means the coach thinks you can handle it. Best wishes.
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  4. Zach Zach added a post in a topic Problem Sticking To Treatment Plan   

    Yes. Sticky notes are a gift from heaven
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  5. Zach Zach added a post in a topic Problem Sticking To Treatment Plan   

    Do you have a smartphone? One thing you can do (takes a little bit of work, but everything worth having takes work) is to use some kind of an alarm- or notification-system that will alert you as to when you need to do a part of your regimen. I personally use Google Calendar to notify me of events and important dates in my life. I just have Google Calendar send me email alerts to an account that is linked to my smartphone so when an event is coming up, I get a notification with an email that includes all the details. For example, you could easily enter data relating to applying retin-a every other day for however long a time period you want (you can set the event to repeat every other day) - it does the remembering for you.
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  6. Zach Zach added a post in a topic Exercising & Acne   

    Well, you might be washing your skin too much. Maybe washing before and after workouts is too much? And how is your water intake? I'm a firm believer in getting lots of H2O during and after workouts to replenish water you lose.
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  7. Zach Zach added a post in a topic Nobody I Know Can Relate To My Acne.   

    OP Thanks for sharing - we all know how it is to feel isolated and alone when it comes to acne issues. It seems like there's a perceived stigma around talking about acne unless it's in the form of someone insulting someone else. For me personally, my own freaking cousins would make fun of my skin. I'd talk to my parents and they would show concern but no real empathy. So, I've been there any many, many others have as well.

    About the old fart: There are plenty of cool old people in this world but most of the ones I've come across seem to act like they have all the authority to be pompous insufferable pricks and act incredibly entitled. I mean hey, if you were getting Social Security checks (money you did *not* earn) that are paid to you simply because you're old, wouldn't you be a little full of yourself too? Case in point: I go to the gym and every once in a while, one of the old dudes in there will walk right the hell next to me while I'm lifting weights in such a way that I'd hit them if I didn't stop moving. I could swear they do it on purpose and they definitely do not apologize. I'll hold a door open for them and they walk right the hell in without a thumbs-up or anything. Old pricks are the worst, and you've obviously experienced one firsthand. OP, if your moviegoer old man didn't immediately feel sorry after saying what he did, he's an awful person. Awful people exist so that good people like you can be called "good."

    And after reading your post, you sound like a good person so stay cool and best wishes with your GF... hey at least you have a GF! That's a lot more than lots of us with skin problems can say.
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  8. Zach Zach added a post in a topic Why Masterbaiting Causes Acne?   

    Please refer to this video, especially the part where he says "SLOW DOWN."

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  9. Zach Zach added a post in a topic Why Masterbaiting Causes Acne?   

    Anything in excess will probably be bad for your skin, your body in general, etc. That's been my personal experience. In your post, you say you can go 2 days without doing it but right after that say you have gone without doing it for around 4 or 5 days... so you *can* go for longer without doing it! If you are truly committed to trying to stop doing it for a period of time (and trust me, it will be great for you if you abstain for some time, though it may be difficult), see about stopping for a week or two and then see what happens. Four to five days is not a very long period of time in the grand scheme of things even though it probably really feels like it!

    Here is why I believe *excessive* masturbation or sexual activity causes acne breakouts: the act in its entirety causes the adrenal glands to release a massive amount of hormones through the body, and when that happens too often during short time periods, the body's hormones will become more and more depleted, hurting the immune system's ability to fight acne. You may think to yourself... hey, I get excited during other things such as sports, riding a roller coaster, etc. So, I suggest trying to cut out overly-exciting activities for a while, and perhaps work on stress levels, and see what happens.
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  10. Zach Zach added a post in a topic Blackheads Causing A Lot Of Irritation   

    Blackheads are a total SOB for me on my nose too. I also have dry skin everywhere else on my face except my nose, thus plenty of blackheads that really don't take too kindly to staying away. I have basically just ignored them on the whole... reduces redness because I don't irritate that area as much and they actually don't look as obvious now. I put Sodium Sulfacetamide Lotion (10%) on the area every night. They're still there but not as noticeable!

    I also have red (irritated?) cheeks like it sounds like you do too... usually moisturizer on the area helps a bit!
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