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  1. BenJohnson32 added a post in a topic (Picture) Red Mottled Skin Covered In Blackheads And Pimples   

    Acne on the forehead is often an indicator of stress. This is most likely why you are getting these pimpes. However, it also looks as if a product is irritating you. I would look into both of these things!
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  2. BenJohnson32 added a post in a topic Can Too Much Vitamin A Cause Breakout?   

    I was taking 200,000iu (yes you heard it right) but I'll definitely lower it to 20,000iu or 10,000iu. I agree with the less zinc because 100mg seems to do worse than better. New vitamin routine:

    Morning: 10,000iu Vitamin A
    4,000 iu Vitamin D
    400iu Vitamin E
    25mg of Zinc

    Lunch/Dinner: 10,000 Vitamin A
    4,000-6,000iu Vitamin D
    400iu Vitamin E
    25mg of Zinc

    Also in the morning I'll drink some chamille or green tea along with warm water and lemon. I basically have acne only on my cheeks and a little on my chin due to football practice. I'll take 20,000iu of vitamin A temporarily to see how that goes. My acne was clearing until football practice, which will begin everyday once the school year begins.

    I'll be heading to the store to get some fishoil supps along with some of that flaxseed oil if I can get it. overfl00d, what probiotics do you recommend?

    Any more recommendations anyone?
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  3. BenJohnson32 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Can Too Much Vitamin A Cause Breakout?
    Ivebeen taking vitamin A, D, E, for about 2 weeks now. I included zinc about a week ago. I originally started with a low dosage of vitamin A, however, I increased the dosage to about 200,000iu (retinyl palimate). My softgels are in 10,000iu but I see some that are 2,000iu? My acne began clearing when I had only vitamin A and D. However, since increasing the dosage my face has broken out. It might be because of the 100mg zinc temporarily included, but I'm really not sure. What gives? My face was doing fine and clearing up nicely until this. It could also be due to my football helmet. Should I decrease vitamin A dosage to 5,000iu-10,000iu? Is this just an initial breakout? Too confused right now
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