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  1. Regimen After 16 Months

    Hi everyone, So after 16 months away from using the regimen and also signing in i'm ready to re-use. when i stopped using my face was incredibly clear. super clear!!! no marks ..... but a bit tanned. i stopped because my acne was gone but my face was pretty much darker than the rest of my body. however, i still continued using the cleanser and AHA. The AHA generally worked for me as i was hardly getting any pimples. I then concentrated on getting my complexion cleared. Life without using the regimen was good, as i didn't have many breakouts. i just kept following the basic steps i did while on the regimen. (Cleanse and moisturize) (not touching face) etc. Current situation- my face is very oily and due to that i find myself getting breakouts more than usual. my skin isnt horrible. i dont get those large pimples. its mostly spotted here and there. somehow, i get my worst pimples on my chin area hurts all the time. i have no control over that area. it just keeps breaking out, leaving scars .... horrible!! i do have light marks (hyper pigmentation) on my face - currently using vitamin c to clear than up. i will try to post pics of my current situation. So! i have decided to start using the regimen again, basically on my chin ...but more so i will be using it slightly over my entire face. I purchased the cleanser, treatment and AHA (i use cetaphil lotion and i have jojoba oil ) Also, i plan on using it only at nights for now - at least for the first 3-4 months Lets see how this works!! i'll be going really slow and i will also be using a light amount at first. you guys can check out my page for my acne pics here: PS i attached a pic of my face/skin after coming off of the regimen