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  1. I'm on accutane, one month has been by, i'm taking 20mg every 2 days, my acne seems to be clearing but my skin around where the acne was is really THIN, therefore the red marks don't heal and it looks really weird/wrinkly,  When the skin is thick it looks great! any suggesting on products i can use to restore the skin thickness?  Thanks
  2. Accutane Month 3 Complete(Pics)

    Good Luck, i'm on 20mg as well, Day 29, however i take it every 2 days because i think it works best for me! i'm 90% clear now, personally i think you should cut it to one a day, 2 is way too much, & take it before your final meal at night. I hope you see results soon 3 months is long!
  3. Post Accutane Flushing

    Hi, Yea i'm on day 9 and have already induced flushing, it sucks because without it i'm almost clear! i'm going to stop and take it once a week perhaps, on 20mg atm.
  4. Day 9 tomorrow, so far it's going nicely, however I have flushed twice i think where i have red marks, and I don't normally flush. & m lips are dry as hell, my skin is fairly dry, not that dry that I need a moisturizer, (not that i want one, strongly against them) Yeah well so far i'm ok with it, don;t need a topical, did you ever flush when on it?
  5. Ah that's so long! 6 weeks, i was hoping after the first week i would see good results, but my blackheads are clearing up already just the red marks from ages ago are really red.... I cleansed last night and the skin went full red its like just a cleanser exfoliated the skin., I understand why people suggest using a really mild cleanser or just water. But this morning my skin feels smoother and less oily, i think cleansing is a must but probably once every 2-3 days maybe?! Anyway 'm glad its working for you, my dermatologist was so positive he said 85% of patients see results after week 8, so fingers cross!!!
  6. I'm on 20mg Accutane, day 5 Should i continue cleansing every night?! I feel like if I don't my skin doesn't feel nice, also my Skin isn't that dry on Accutane... its pretty much the same