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  1. Leopardskinny added a blog entry in Leopardskinny's Blog   

    Here I am again.
    Wow.. I never thought I would be back here. Honestly, I thought that clear skin would be mine forever. Not so. Not only that put I have put on weight as well. Basically I am a hot mess! I can tackle the weight myself, afterall it is only a couple of pounds, but the acne is really worrying me now. I guess some people may remember me from these forums, most not though.

    My acne history is pretty long! Got it at 13, and wow, it was bad. I know a lot of people say they have bad acne, but honestly? I've never seen a pic on here to rival mine. Maybe one actually. Anyway, my face was a mass of lumps for about 4 years. I remember every year on my birthday my wish would be 'Clear skin'. That is how bad it was Anyway, a 17 it cleared up a conciderably- it had been doing so since I started the regimen. Along with drinking about 2l of water a day, the acne cleared. It did stay clear actually, for about 7 months.

    Then it came back. Not so bad I must say, but still enough to mask my face again with makeup. Still enough to ruin the confidence I had managed to rebuild after so long being bullied and feeling ugly. I've been living with mild to moderate acne since I was 18 (I'm now 20) and honestly I haven't really been that bothered with it as I can cover it up, while saving for a TCA peel at a plastic surgeons. Also I know that things could be worse...

    So about a week and a half ago my spots started turning into cysts. Along my neckline mostly, a few on the face. I am worried because my skin feels like it did when my acne was severe. You know, that lumpy, painful and sensitive feel. So I have started healthy eating. I have started drinking 2l of water again. I am getting my parents to bring round my BP gel. It has started again.

    This time though, I will try my hardest to get clear. I'm fed up having to deal with this affliction. Why should I? I want the outside to reflect what is inside with me. X
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  2. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic would you be embarassed to meet someone from the .org?   

    Ooh I would love to meet people from the org.. I mean I don't post much but whatever. I just don't think there are many people from Scotland here thats all...
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  3. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic MAC tomorrow.   

    For your eyeshadow I would reccomend 'Fiction'. It's a cool toned mixture of shimmery green and grey. Sounds horrible, but it's great for making a variation on the classic smokey eyes look. I use it, and I have pale skin, blue eyes, and dark blonde hair. For lips I would reccomend 'High Strung' which is a silvery pink colour, also cool toned. You can really see I eat, sleep, and breath makeup!
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  4. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic ANYONE TRIED DOVE SOAP?   

    I used it, but my skin was way too sensitive and it made my skin extremley dry. Even though they claim it contains all that moisturizing milk, it is still quite drying. I use a gel face wash, it's in my sig.
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  5. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic ewwwwwwwwwwww   

    Bp does NOT taste good.. lol.. I have experienced it!
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  6. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic What does everyone consume in a day?   

    Breakfast: Muesli/Porridge with water to drink

    Lunch: Small Homemade pizza with veggies & tomatoe (water to drink)

    Dinner: 3 small falafel balls with peas and carrots (water to drink)

    Night: Mug of green tea.
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  7. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic Im a bit confused..!   

    Okay, thank you for your help everyone!
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  8. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic Im a bit confused..!   

    Yeah, the valderma soap I think is antibacterial- Im almost at the point of buying anouther bar, so maybe I should switch to something else? I tried Dans gel and it was nice to use.. but didn't seem to stop the breakouts as well as panoxyl. Yeah Im using the full amount- Ill still stay on it for now because it would be a shame to quit now!
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  9. Leopardskinny added a topic in The Acne.org Regimen   

    Im a bit confused..!
    Hi guys. As some of you will know Im not ecsactly a stranger to the regimen. I have tried it a couple of times before (I had to come off because of allergies etc.) but this time has seemed to be going good. I compared my regimen with Dans 'what to expect' section, and everything was going good for a while. Now I have got to the 8+ week mark, Im still getting a couple of breakouts, but Im not progressing any further. What I want to know is, is this as clear as Im ever going to get, or do i need to give it yet more time? Thanks for any help.
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  10. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic Neutrogena Acne Mark Fading Peel?   

    When you want to do peels I find your always better staying away from the 'brand' ones you get in the shop. Better just to get a glycolic peel off ebay.
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  11. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic drug store foundation!! URGENT   

    Loreals Ideal Balance. It's oil free and you get a lot in the bottle.
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  12. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic Slow shipping?!?!!   

    Hey you guys, Ive just ordered a tube just now, except I went DHL. Do you guys know if it would take 2-5 working days to get to Scotland? Also, do you think we will get the old batch? I really hope not... although anything is better than the british bp (panoxyl) that is burning my face off...
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  13. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic A request.   

    no, I didn't mean that.. back then 18+ was more of a 'guideline'. You could still get in if you used the password, sort of like an agreement that if you entered you wouldn't get offended. It's ok though, you can delete this thread. I guess it was kind of pointless anyway.

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  14. Leopardskinny added a topic in Announcements and feedback   

    A request.
    I've been reading the threads in the lounge recentley, and I feel that to put an end to all the trouble and bad feelings maybe could you guys consider reinstating the password- old style 18+ lounge. This would (hopefully!) solve the problem of people getting angry over the moderating in the Lounge, as the rules wouldn't have to be so strict and taken so seriously. Thanks for taking the time to read!
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  15. Leopardskinny added a post in a topic Chocolate...   

    Yes! Take the other day.. easter. Im like you, I really don't care for chocolate much, I don't really like the taste of cocoa, so I got a white chocolate egg for easter. It was the first time in about 5 weeks I had eaten anything unhealthy, because I usually brake out. So next day, acne looking angry, but not too bad. Today, after my latest log entry, my face has started breaking out again- round my lips, weirdly enough lol! Im not under stress or anything, the chocolate is all I can see that caused it!
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