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  1. I m afraid I will end up killing myself

    Please don't hurt yourself. You are not alone. Your life is worth something. You have value. You are more than your skin. Sending you love and positive vibes.
  2. Endless loop of hell

    What about dermasanding? Its derm abrasion but with sandpaper...less severe, less risk for complications (or so I've read).
  3. Endless loop of hell

    F*ck, I hear you. Bullsh*t after bullsh*t...don't they realize they're playing with peoples emotions? Don't bother with microneedling. I spent about $3,000 on it for zero results. Re-excised a scar and made it much worse. Tried filler and it made the area look awful. The only thing I got any improvement with was a spot Co2 laser treatment. Only did one but I'm going again in Oct.