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  1. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Punch Excision   

    Things got better but I still wasn't happy with the result. Neither was the PS tbh. The cheek is a risky place for punch because it's a convex area. I took a chance but it didn't work out. I had some Belotero injected a week or so ago and it looks a lot better now. Not perfect but I think that's because the punch is still healing. The older, shallow scars on my other cheek look amazing with the filler so I'm Glad I didn't get them all excised. Now, it's almost like they were never there. I'm sure 99/100 people wouldn't see them now.
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  2. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Excision Or Co2 Laser   

    Any update?
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  3. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Excisions, Lasers......crying   

    Hey Snowflake, me again.

    I'm sorry you're having a bad day.

    I've had spot treatments with 2940 (Sciton Profractional). Zero results.

    What about a filler? Nothing permanent unfortunately (don't do silicone), but it might help.
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  4. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Has Anyone Just Had Laser *spot*treatment?   

    Hey Snowflake, I've had a SmartXide spot treatment for two areas on my cheeks. It cost me $150 CAD. I think it helped a scar that was just over a year old but did nothing for some of my older scars. I did not experience any adverse effects. I'm Caucasian, btw.
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  5. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Punch Excision   

    Yes, I'm prepared for that if needed. However, right now my main concern is the raised areas I see beyond the scar itself. I'm wondering if it could still be swelling at 2 weeks post and if it will come down at all.
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  6. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Punch Excision   

    I'm feeling really down at the moment. I'm one week out from stitch removal. There is no hole, thankfully. However, the entire area looks quite depressed and/or the ends of my incision are very bumpy. The whole thing looks gross IMO. Any one have any advice?

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  7. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic What Is The Best Scar Solution For My Scar?   

    Hi, how's it going now? Getting better every day I hope!
    I re-did my excision and got the stitches out on Friday. It looked totally flat but now the scar seems indented or the area around it is swollen...or a combination of both? Did you notice the same? Did it seem to look worse a few days out from your stitch removal?
    Just feeling a bit worried right now. Could use some reassurance...
    Thank you!
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  8. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Punch Excision   

    Here are pics from Sunday when I took the steri strip off.

    The hole is gone and I can't really see the excision line. I can see the stitch marks but I'm told it will get better.

    In certain lighting, the entire area around both stitch marks looks raised which makes the scar look depressed (but no where near as bad looking). One side in particular is really raised. I'm hoping its a small pimple due to the bandage/Polysporin...think you can see it in the pics. I suppose it's all still swollen right now.

    More improvement to come, I hope!

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  9. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Punch Excision   

    Stitches came out today and it is looking really good!
    The doc did say that punches occasionally don't work out for no known reason but I'm still convinced that I touched it too much the first time. I don't know for sure. All I know is that this time, things are looking much better.
    I have a steri-strip right now and it'll stay until at least Sunday afternoon. Then I'll take a pic and post it.
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  10. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Punch Excision   

    Stitches come out in 2 days time. I've been a lot more careful this time around. Last time I kept changing the steri-strips starting about 3 days post. I can't help but wonder if that's what caused the punch to open? Anyhow, this time I'm only going to change the steri strip once (today...5 days post) and that's only because the original one is looking really nasty. Here's a pic of how it looks right now. It looks a lot worse in the pic for some reason. Maybe it's all the dried blood?

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  11. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Punch Excision   

    I went back to the PS today. He agreed that the excision failed and gave me 2 options: leave it for awhile to see if it gets any better (he didn't feel like it would) or re-excise/re-stitch. I went with the latter.
    So here I am with stitches in my face again. He didn't make the scar any bigger (just cut out the core) but he did two stitches this time to ensure it wouldn't come apart.
    My husband is upset that I would take this risk again. He figures I should have cut my losses but he doesn't understand how I feel. A natural looking scar is one thing but a perfectly round hole? No way...looks terrible.
    Fingers crossed it works out better this time! I really hope I don't live to regret this.
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  12. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Punch Excision   

    Thank you for your response. I'm trying to stay positive but it's so hard. I've been told by a few PS that the scar is too small for an inside stitch but I will def ask about a scalpel excision. Thanks again.
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  13. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Punch Excision   

    So here's an update...sorry for the delay.
    It's been over 3 weeks since my excision and as of right now, I think it's a failure
    The scar looks about the same size, only red, deeper (not sure if that's because of the color) and more symetrical (because of the punch).
    I go see the PS again on Friday so we'll see what he says but I highly doubt I'll see any serious filling in from here on in.
    I'm very disappointed to say the least.
    I'll provide another update after my appt on Friday.
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  14. FreshStart2014 added a post in a topic Can You Recommend A Doctor?   

    Side note, I didn't know you can email questions to doctors personally on realself! I guess I missed the button..where is that? Been wanting to do that for a while now. Though I guess it's not guaranteed the doctor will answer, may sometimes be staff responding on behalf of doctor?
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