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  1. Acne and depression

    Hi! I'm 23 years old and i've been suffering with acne since i was 14. I know it doesn't seem like a long time and i know there are people out there who has been suffering for a lot longer but when you feel like you have tried every possible way to get rid of it, it begins to feel like a lifetime. Does anyone else suffer from depression because of this stupid condition? I used to be loud and happy, i loved meeting people and making people smile. Now all i want to do is stay home in bed, i don't want to go out anymore, i don't feel like the same person, i feel trapped. Does anyone feel the same way? How did you get out of the slump? I've tried every possible thing you could think of to cure this pain in the ass condition, my last resort before a second round of roaccutane is a naturopath. I've begun seeing her, i've had Millions of tests done, i get the results in two weeks! fingers crossed its something so simple that can just be fixed with diet. Before i started seeing her, i was diagnosed with ibs! yay! Now since seeing the naturopath my IBS is very well controlled and i barely notice i have it anymore but the depression thing i just can't seem to get a handle on. Someone tell me i'm not crazy!