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  1. Hello! I honestly don't know what I'm really asking about here, but I'm hoping someone has advice. I was on accutane and my skin was completely clear. Then I got extremely dry. I went to my derm and he prescribed mildison (a mild hydrocortisone). I guess he thought I had eczema. He didn't say much about the side effects or what precautions i should've been taking. I used the cream for about 2 months. About a month ago my skin started breaking out in small red dots. I cleared it, but then it kept happening once every week. About a week ago my skin broke out in reaaal acne.. And I was destroyed. I had by that time stopped using the hydrocortisone. Apparently, I was not supposed to use any makeup at all while i was using this. Now my I guess my question is, what are the long term effects of this? Has the cortisone somehow made me sensitive to any dirt on my face? Is it safe to use make up again? Should I sue my dermatologist for not telling me how to use the cream (and secondly because i was NOT supposed to use it to begin with)? I honestly don't know who to ask or if anyone even has an answer, since I suppose this never happens. Any advice would be of help.
  2. My mum is a problem

    I had the same issue with my mom when I was about 11-12 and started having problems with my skin. Here's my advice: do NOT do anything. It will go away. If you start messing with products and popping pimples, you will have a loooong road ahead of you. I wish I had left my skin alone. Now I am dependant on skin products and my face is still a mess, even after accutane.
  3. I don't know really, but since you're reacting badly to it you should probably try something different. If you need something to cover redness during the day, I recommend Eucerin AntiRedness Concealing Day Care. It's an AMAZING moisturizer, without it i look like a burnt tomato. It makes my skin tone completely even and my hyperpigmentation way less noticable. It did not break me out either. The cons are that it may look a little white, i mean like you've seen a ghost or something, depending on how much you use (because it neutralizes ALL redness, if you're naturally pale it'll show) and it's kind of shiny. I like to combine it with Eucerin DermoPurifyer Hydrating care, which dries matte and makes the other moisturizer matte as well, but doesn't leave you feeling dry. I have yet to find another moisturizer that does the same like the concealing day care one.
  4. Hello. I just purchased Eucerin Dermo PURIFYER Adjunctive Hydrating Care and it seems to contain Chondrus Crispus which according to cosdna.com is highly comedogenic, rated 5, but it doesnt say anything about it here. It confuses me since this is supposed to be a product suitable for acne-prone skin. Anyone got an answer for this?
  5. Please help, acne relapse after accutane

    Update: I realized that i've been using hydrocortisone for my face (A mild one) that my derm prescribed. I researched it a bit and it all says that after using the cream for a while, one of the side effects are breakouts. Will try quitting this product.
  6. I did the accutane treatment in september 2015 for 6 months and the medication is out of my system. I started getting pimples 2 months after i was finished which is normal. But around september my skin got crazy red, dry and irritated! Now i have pimples ALL OVER my face and some really nasty breakouts in the making. I don't understad. I don't know what to to, the pharmacist told me i should wash my face with some kind of toner only and never use water since it apparently dries me out. This is what i am currently using: - Neutrogena visibily clear 2in1 wash mask - Benzyol peroxide 5% - Some thick moisturizer for night, and another suitable for day (non comedogenic of course) Obviously i've tried not using BP. It makes no difference. I've tried switching cleansers and moisturizers, nothing's been working. Anybody who's been through the same thing that could shine some light here?