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  1. myjade84 added a post in a topic Testosterone = Acne?   

    Yes. Acne is often caused by a chemical imbalance that occurs in the body. Masturbation often depletes the body of vital chemicals needed to stymie acne production. I know it's impossible to stop masturbating but you can try to lessen this activity to get rid of your acne.
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  2. myjade84 added a post in a topic How To Hide Acne Scars In The Sun?   

    Have you tried getting professional help from a reliable dermatologist? You can try Lasers or the chemical peels.
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  3. myjade84 added a post in a topic Clearing skin using strawberries and apple cider vinegar   

    I want to try this out because of the positive comments above, but strawberry here is a bit expensive. Is there any fruit that can be substitute for them?
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  4. myjade84 added a post in a topic Biggest Mistakes People Make to Treat Acne:   

    I have acne for 5 months now. I have tried several products but they weren't effective and what's worse is that one of them gave me an allergy attack. I read this article and i learned a lot. I will try to follow them. Thanks a bunch for sharing the info!
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