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  1. mudfootball added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    Thanks for the reply I had a TERRIBLE day food-wise. Had a birthday party and my dad's aunty came from interstate to visit and brought a cake which was supposed to be my family's breakfast D: My family is one of those traditional, nationalistic types and food is basically like a social event and if you dont eat their food (and sometimes a lot of it) - it's basically like you're attacking them or something.

    And yes, I do have a anxiety and also have dealt with depression for the last few years (at least that's when I finally started seeing a psychologist anyway). I just searched EFT and from the little I've read it looks to be similar to what I've done with my psychologist in the past - These things have only helped for a short period of time. I find it hard to get the inspiration/motivation to help myself I guess? Sorry if I'm writing too much - I feel like this is turning into a psych session with all my ramblings! So I am definitely NOT the healthiest person in the world and all this probably impacts greatly on what my skin is like :S

    Haha yes there is a gym very close by (about a 3 min bus ride) but to get back to my anxiety issues I didn't like it when I tried it out as I had all those self-confidence worries about there being other people, judging etc. But yes it does have a sauna. I think I'll start taking my bike out in the mornings. I haven't done that in a long time - coldness be damned!

    Also, the magnesium oil - is that like oil that you rub on your skin? I had been looking for lavendar oil to do so as my friend says it calms her down and carries a little bottle with her all the time which she uses when she's feeling anxious.
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  2. mudfootball added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    Thanks! Hula hooping does sound really fun I might try it out xD I have gotten back on track because I do enjoy drinking them but I'm not very regular with when I make them now that my days are busier :S Also July is the month of birthdays for my family so it's hard to stay away from all the not-so-healthy food! My skin looks about the same I'm not sure if this is the cure for me but the smoothies are tasty and healthy so either way I'd like to continue

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  3. mudfootball added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    Thank you for the reply - wasn't late at all! And I had no idea detoxing makes you tired - wow!

    Anyway, thanks I do feel better now and I have to report that my skin seemed to be improving after about 5 or so days - It was a lot less red, I'm not sure about my acne but the skin around all my spots looked a lot nicer and smoother which I think is something other ppl said they experienced in this thread.
    However I haven't been eating very well or having the smoothies the last 3 or four days :S So now my skin has gone back to doing badly, though I know it's all because of my binge eating. I used to have a pretty good handle on my dairy eating but lately it's been out of wack. I'm getting back on track since yesterday though.

    It's also been hard to exercise lately because it's winter here in Australia and the only time I can stand exercising is outside otherwise I get bored pretty easily lol I'll have to try harder also I'm kind of an anxious person so maybe I need to try to relax/meditate more.

    And I found kale in my local supermarket! Yay! it was hidden at the back somewhere. I wasn't expecting to find any since I read it's hard to find so that's great It doesn't taste so bad either.

    Sorry - I tend to ramble a lot Thanks for the reply, if/when I see any changes I'll report back
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  4. mudfootball added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    Hi ABG Fairy, I just wanted to say that I've started doing this the last four days. My smoothies have so far consisted of 2 handfuls of spinach, a small-medium sized pear and some frozen berries and 1 cup of water. Tastes fine to me and I like mine a bit glug-y so not too smooth

    But I wanted to ask you waht you though about how my skin has been lately. Since doing this it's been really bad I know it's been only four days but my face has been really red and inflamed - I started noticing this the day after my first smoothie - could it just be coincidence? Today it's felt really itchy as well but that might be because of the Benzac wash I started using every other day... I also noticed a lot of whiteheads and some of my cysts have been coming to the surface which I think is somewhat of a good thing - it's better than them being bure din my skin I guess! Though it doesn't look pretty I really like the idea of this regimen I really hope it helps me. What I also noticed though was that the last few days I've felt REALLY extremely tired. I basically spent the whole day in bed sleeping today. It's strange because I think these smoothies are supposed to have the opposite effect?

    Thanks, I've read a lot of this thread it you seem like such a great person posting all the information and replying to everyone! And I fully intend to at least give this a months try.
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