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  1. my skin is pretty clear now for the most part after being on the regimen for about 9 weeks. But I have these tiny pimples and tons of clogged pores that won't go away no matter what I do! Will aha take care of this? Or what should I do? Thanks in advance.
  2. So I've been on the regimen about 9 weeks, possibly a little longer. I had taken pics every Monday so I could see if it was working and wow! Each pic my skin got better and continues to. My skin is pretty clear for the most part and all those big breakouts I was getting on my jawline have stopped as long as I stay strict with the regimen. Problem is, I have these tiny red bumps and clogged pores that won't go away no matter what I do. Will the aha help with this? My skin seems to be at a stand still at this point and I need help getting fully clear! Please and thank you for any input!! xoxo
  3. How do I know If im being gentle enough? The washing part I feel like I'm doing good with, but when I do the treatment and moisturizer I feel like I'm not being gentle enough even though I'm being as gentle as I can. As of now everything is going ok I guess. I've been doing the regimen for a week and a half and I had a really bad breakout a few days ago. But it's mostly cleared up now. My skin is dry, tight, stings and itches which I know is normal. I also have clogged pores that just look like skin colored bumps that the regimen might not get rid of. Would it be a good idea to get aha once my skin adjusts to this? Thanks for any info in advance!!! xoxo