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  1. tanna23 added a post in a topic My Skin Is Finally Clear. You Only Need A Low Dose Of Accutane!   

    Too many doctors don't seem to realize that the effect of acne is sometimes more psychological than it is physical.

    Anyway I was on a low dose and didn't have an initial breakout. My skin got dry very quickly, then it got clear. Also for the first couple months on my low dose any pimples that popped up disappeared faster.

    I was on 20mg. I'm about 47kg

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  2. tanna23 added a blog entry in Post Accutane Obsession   

    My New Obsession
    Been a while since I've posted anything. I've been around though... Lurking.

    My accutane experience
    I was on 20mg/d for 7 months (weight dwindles between 105-110lbs). My skin cleared up really really quickly. Never had an initial breakout (which I am grateful for) but I did have two shitty sunburns. Had joint pain, dry eyes and lips which became really much much worse on accurate but the fact that I could look in the mirror and not see pimples and rub my hands on my back (yes.... My BACNE went away too although not as quickly) made the pain very much worth it. Some of my PIH also went away. Some Ahh... Also had a few nosebleeds. Those were not pretty but they weren't massive, just a pain at the time.
    My only regret is that I never got a chance to start it sooner. I'm a lot happier now.

    6 months after
    So last month I got a couple pimples when I got my period. I freaked out. It was three of them. They were tiny enough but they scared me to death because my biggest fear in life is losing my clear skin.
    I got some retin a and they were gone within two days and my skin was spotless again. I also have finals so I'm pretty stressed, dehydrated sleep deprived... But my skin doesn't look it.

    It was around last month that I realised i developed a problem somewhere along the line. You see, nothing seems nearly as important to me as my clear skin now. Maybe my husband but the truth is I can't say without a doubt that I value him more than I value not having zits.

    Not going to go much deeper into that right now.

    Anyway, here's my post accutane skin care regimen

    AM: "african black soap" - it's not real black soap from what I can tell but it's marked African black soap it was recommended to me by someone with lovely skin and I've been using it for about 7 months now and my skin seems to like whatever the hell is in it
    Borghese revitalizing face serum
    Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer with SPF 30 if I'm going out
    Palmers olive butter formula with vitamin e body lotion if I'm not (quit my job a two weeks before my finals started)

    PM: black soap
    On Mondays, Wednesday's and Saturdays
    Retin a 0.05%
    L'oreal dermo-expertise rejuvenating anti wrinkle night cream (don't really like this quite heavy)
    Or palmers olive butter
    Olay total effects 7 anti aging eye treatment

    Rest of the week
    Black soap
    Borghese serum
    Olay eye treatment
    Loreal night cream or Olay total effects 7 in 1 anti aging moisturizer

    Once a week I scrub with the saint Ives apricot scrub

    So I'm quite afraid of acne and wrinkles. I expect my skin to be more youthful looking than it is but recently with my exams I've been consuming crazy amounts of coffee and sugar and growing a nasty ulcer.

    I really want to cut back on the amount of products I use but I'm so scared. Literally terrified.

    As for makeup, I wear eyeliner everyday. Occasionally I will wear some dusting powder... On those days I use the clearasil wipes, followed by the ponds cold cream to remove the makeup then I continue with my night time routine for the day of the week.
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  3. tanna23 added a post in a topic Considering Low Dose Accutane For Persistant But Mild Acne   

    There are more than just antibiotics and topicals. You can try diet changes, herbal supplements, vitamin supplements fish oil and other options before trying accutane. You may also want to try combinations of oral and topical meds as well as other remedies you can find in the site's holistic section before you try accutane.

    It has a lot of side effects and everyone seems to react differntly to it. You may have no side effects at all, and no IB, but you can't know that before. I'm on a low dose, had no IB but lots of side effects.

    You should get a second opinion from another dermatologist. I don't know if you've had any changes in your cycle or anything that's making you 'beg' for birth control but if you have then probably see a gynaecologist. I'm also sure a gynae can put you on birth control if you just ask for it once you don't have any contraindications... Like smoking or previous heart attack. some women break out even more after they stop taking birth control. So might really end up being long term.
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  4. tanna23 added a post in a topic Tanna's Journey - 20Mg Roaccutane   

    It IS an an awesome feeling having clear smooth skin. There are some days when I wash my face in the morning when it's smoother than others and I just want to tell people to touch my face. Lol.

    Anyway, I don't worry about how much insurance has to pay for my scripts because I pay through my teeth for insurance every month. I've also been paying it for a long long long time so really... I've paid for my accutane. Also, insurance companies have lots of money... Me... Not so much.

    I read about your recent side effects. Sorry about those. So what dose are you on now?
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  5. tanna23 added a post in a topic Tanna's Journey - 20Mg Roaccutane   

    I'm happy th accutane worked out for your brother. Hope it works for you too. About my cholesterol I'll have to check my file when I go back to the doctor next week, but before I started it was really good. my LDL was nice and low and my HDL was nice and high. They went haywire I think in July, LDL was 138, HDL was 50mg/dL but went back to normal quickly with diet and a bit more exercise than I was getting before. I came off the diet and my cholesterol has never gone wrong again. (I only ever recorded the bad one). I do have a very active lifestyle though so even though i have a family history or heart attack, stroke, recurrent heart attacks, bypass, recurrent strokes... I'm not even a little worried. Because I get a lot of exercise every day but Sunday!
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  6. tanna23 added a post in a topic Old Lady On Accutane—50, Female, 40Mg   

    Sorry about these side effects you have popping up. I hope they can just go back to where they came from and leave you alone.
    My hair is definitely shedding more but it's more noticeable on the floor, in the shower and my comb than on my head. I actually counted the strands for a week and found out online (from a not so reputable source) that the number was still considered normal so that calmed me down. I only counted the ones that fell from the root. My hair is really long, almost butt length now so a few strands really look like a lot. There was some breakage which made it look like so much moreee hair. Good to hear that your doc's patients' hair grew back though. That's very reassuring my hairdresser had given me a leave in called african pride Shea butter miracle leave in. It helps reduce the breakage. She was the only one who noticed my hair thinning. It still felt like a lot of hair to me.

    Dry eyes are the worst! Did you find anything to help?

    Happy to hear that your blood work keeps coming back good keep up that healthy lifestyle
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  7. tanna23 added a post in a topic I Don't Know What To Do About My Accutane Situation.   

    I'm on accutane, been using it for the past SIX months already and I'm still on it. My doctor believes it's the cumulative dose that matters and says that is what's published... That reaching a cumulative dose of something like 120-150mg/kg is what is needed for acne to go away and stay away. I may be wrong about this range it's been a while since I asked about doses of accutane. I've been using 20mg/day because that's just what he wanted and apparently higher doses give worse side effects so even though it will take longer to get there it's less difficult. i can't actually remember the last time I broke out but I still have to finish my course. He was even saying on my last visit that he might drop my dose since I do have side effects at this low dose.

    What I can tell you about stopping accutane after you've been clear for two months... I know one person who was on it for 4 months. She was clear after maybe the first few weeks. She only had mild acne to begin with. So the doc took her off it and less than a year later her acne came back. I know another person who took it for about 6 months and finally gave up because his acne wasn't going away. But it did gradually after he stopped. I don't know what dose either one was using but saying 2months after you're clear doesn't seem as scientific as reaching a cumulative dose.

    One of these doctors needs to calculate how much more you need to reach the desired cumulative dose and put you on a small amount until you reach it. if you're already in a low dose and still having side effects then you should probably stop. But if your dose is large then ask for a low dose.
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  8. tanna23 added a post in a topic Tanna's Journey - 20Mg Roaccutane   

    Day 158

    Really seems like I've been on accutane forever.

    My back pain was actually pretty bad today.. But it's easing up. It was around 8/10 earlier and I just kept sitting every chance I got, then when I got home I went to bed so I could just lie flat for a while. Enough about that though.

    My skin is very clear. It feels super soft all over. My fiancé definitely noticed the difference and he says my skin feels soft everywhere. It's actually on my arms and can get dry on my legs but I moisturise a lot. Dry skin is so much easier to deal with. I also exfoliate with one of those netty things they sell with shower gel from my next down once a week. It's never done anything awful to my skin and I suppose it's because I'm on a low dose. It feels great to take my clothes off and not worry about what strange things people will see. My lips are extremely dry though which I hate.

    At my last visit my doc was telling me he wanted to put me on a lower dose because of the back pain but I'm thinking that it will just keep me on meds longer. Would be nice though to get rid of the pain. He also said he was going to send me to a shrink because of how much I talk. I just feel so much better though, don't mean to sound big headed or anything but I love all the attention I get from men now. I like people hitting on me. Feels fantastic. People who were nice to me before are even nicer.
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  9. tanna23 added a post in a topic Tanna's Journey - 20Mg Roaccutane   

    It's been a long time. I'd say I'm enjoying my newly found clear skin. Everyday I wake up and look in the mirror I feel happy.

    I had a crack in the corner of my lips for 2 weeks. It's healing now though thank goodness, it was more painful than it looked. Easily covered though, only 2people actually noticed.

    My back pain went away for a bit but came back yesterday. Still here today. It's about a 6/10 today, yesterday was about 8/10 at the worst point. I started doing yoga every morning and I think it's really been helping.

    I'm convinced accutane makes it harder for me to concentrate... But not impossible so I won't stop using it just because of that. I've had horrible skin since I was 11. Not gonna give that up because I have to drink some extra coffee to do the work I used to.., I'm just gonna drink the damn coffee.

    No breakouts since I removed the ponds clarant from my routine. I will never even look at that product ever again.

    Current routine:
    AM: wash face back and chest with aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser
    Rest of body with olay moisture bar , dove beauty bar, or johsons baby soap,
    Apply aveeno positively radiant with SPF 30
    Eyeliner, line brows, lots of Carmex (dries on my way to school)

    Afternoon: will rinse face when before work, might wash again if I'm oily
    Yes... I get oily on accutane now
    If I shower I will wash my face

    Night: I shower if I didn't in the after and wash my face and back
    Apply my aveeno moisturiser
    Apply ponds dry skin cream as an eye cream, around areas where I used to get dryness when I started accutane, and on my neck
    Apply some kind of lotion mixed with the palmers cocoa butter formula moisturising body oil
    Just before I sleep I might apply some morebody oil on top of any dry areas
    And lots of lip balm

    Once weekly i exfoliate with some yoghurt and turmeric
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  10. tanna23 added a post in a topic Tanna's Journey - 20Mg Roaccutane   

    Sorry I typed a response to this a while ago but never posted it.

    I've always had a really bad problem with PIH. Even an insect bite will leave a mark. Even though my skin is really smooth it doesn't look all that clear because of all the spots.

    Anyway, the plan was always to keep me at a low dose of accutane for a long time instead of the usual high dose for 4 or 5 months. So I'm still on 20mg. I feel like my doctor is experimenting on me but I've read a study that says there's an increased chance of a cure if you suppress your oil glands for a linger time even with a smaller dose, but it was only one accutane study.
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  11. tanna23 added a post in a topic Tanna's Journey - 20Mg Roaccutane   

    Last night I mixed palmers cocoa butter formula moisturising body oil with my Vaseline men's lotion and it felt amazing on my skin! Neither work that well in their own but together they're unbelievable smooth. My skin felt so soft, and was soft this morning too.
    From now on I'll be using this on my body every night.

    I've decided to try the ponds clarant on my back. It's such a giant jar I don't want to throw it away. If it makes my back break out well then I'll throw it out. If not then hopefully it fades my marks.

    Excruciating headache for most of the day. Had to leave school and didn't go to work. I can actually work from home everyday but my boss is an idiot. I must goooo there. Anyway, eased up around 7pm. Must have started around 7am and got worse throughout the day. I don't know if this headache is related to the accutane. It's the first time I've gotten anything like this.

    I did have a larger than ever nose bleed yesterday. Scared me a bit... Just a bit. Today my nose was just very very very dry even though I got my regular 3 liters of water.

    My lips...well.. They suck. I'm siCk of complaining about them.
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  12. tanna23 added a post in a topic Old Lady On Accutane—50, Female, 40Mg   

    Creases from my skin also take forever to fade.. Might be the drying effect of accutane. I'm happy it's working out for you. Read through what I missed these past few weeks. Those breakout free stretches are really great aren't they
    Hopefully soon we'll both enter our 100yr breakout free stretches

    The sensitivity in your body will ease up. Just keep on with lots of body lotion.
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  13. tanna23 added a post in a topic Tanna's Journey - 20Mg Roaccutane   

    So my skin is perfectly clear. Had a huge zit about a week ago but that was my own fault. I tried using the ponds clarant b3 again for the hyperpigmentation (which is still there) and I got a zit. It also lasted long. All the pimples I got since being on accutane were really small and lasted for three days total. But this was big and lasted about a week.
    Anyway I'm no longer touching the stuff! The mark from that zit is the worst one on my face since the old PIH has faded a bit. It's just not fading fast enough
    Gone back to my old faithful neutrogena moisturiser, and I guess I'll stay there forever and just wait for the marks to fade by themselves.

    Side effects
    Tired, difficult time concentrating
    My back still hurts but it's a lot less lately which is great. Hasn't been more than a 3 in a long time. Very grateful the back pain eased up.
    My face and chest always look flushed
    One nose bleed about 3 was ago not terribly bad bleeding.

    My lips! They're a constant struggle to keep from cracking. So worried about my Carmex stock running out it's the only thing that works for me.
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  14. tanna23 added a post in a topic Tanna's Journey - 20Mg Roaccutane   

    My lips are cracked! Bleeding and burning.
    My Carmex ran out completely... I cut it open and scraped the last bit out not a good day

    Hats until it's over? You could just embrace your hair for a bit. It won't be that long.
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  15. tanna23 added a post in a topic Tanna's Journey - 20Mg Roaccutane   

    The thing is I had dry lips before even starting accutane so you'd think I would get used to it by now but I'm really not. I'm also limited by what brands I can find where I live. The only thing I've found that works a little well is Carmex and I've never found it again. (I live in the rainforest by the way... No ski lodges here)

    I use artificial tears for my eyes and those work well. They wash the "sand" from my eyes. I don't usually need them everyday.

    I've been plucking my brows with no problem. Just be sure not to wax. The hot wax just rips the skin off along with the hair. I've seen pictures. I also wouldn't use a hair removal cream.

    I think a small minority do lose hair from the root. Mine is most likely breakage though since my hair is dryer and I haven't been doing anything about it. I guess I can start deep conditioning though. Can't hurt.

    I got my hair chemically relaxed. I usually do this about every 4-6 months since my hair is super thick (I'm half indian) and super curly (I'm half black). It wasn't any different from the times I got a relaxer while off accutane and that's a pretty harsh chemical. I haven't gotten my hair bleached since on accutane and I'm not planning on it. Reason being because my colorist isn't as careful as the woman who relaxes my hair. I'm terrified she'll get some on my scalp and I'll end up with a gaping hole on my head.

    I really can't say if it's safe to dye your hair on accutane. Maybe ask whoever colours it.
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