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  1. Thank you budah for the update!!! Your scars improved so much!! Let us know if fat grafting/transfer is the way, definitely I am very curious :)
  2. Thoughts on this?

    Hey Paula B., For me instant smooth by clarins is better than dermaflage. I have tried my share amount of primers and none work as good. The porefessional is less effective the same as the smashbox primers and the tarte one... Just try to play with it until you get it and dont forget to let it "cook" for some minutes.
  3. Have you considered collagen or other fillers? Seeing your skin I can tell that you are not young, maybe hasnt worked ideally because of that? Decrease in collagen,etc etc and since you have tried lasers, excision, subcision, maybe fillers that are not permanent can aid OOops didnt see the rest of the helpful messages, sorry! Btw spirolactone shouldnt be taken lightly... it was the reason for the worsening of my scars since it broke me out like crazy... the moment I stopped with it the acne went away. Take into account that I had all the tests done and it was prescribed by a doctor...
  4. Thoughts on this?

    Dermaflage looks fake... I thought it would help but instead makes me more depressed. I prefer a good primer, and not even this can cover my acne scars for good
  5. Emotional/Psychological effects of scarring

    I totally agree with you... In my case it doesn't stop me from living the stuff that I like, or having friends or simply traveling. However, when I am alone there are days that I just wish I didn't have them, and this depresses me. A "vain first world" problem? Perhaps, but seriously the person that finds a procedure to erase 100% all my acne scars will have some of my money for sure.