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  1. crispyduck added a post in a topic Clear Skin Or 100 Million Dollars?   

    money cannot give me happiness. Clear skin would give me just that!
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  2. crispyduck added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    i just wish that i could peel off the first layer of skin on my face which would then unveil a new layer of soft, supple, blemish-free, normal skin that i have been longing for many years now.

    I Just got a breakout of like 10 pimples on my face. I was feeling good about myself before this happened since my skin seemed to be healing from previous breakouts but now i know these new breakouts and the marks that come along with it will take a long time to heal SIGH...

    To be honest. I feel like wanting to kill myself, but i cant do it. It just makes me so angry and i wish that one day pimples would never come to my face again. It angers me so much Why does acne have to exist? Why did it have to choose me and all of the other fellow sufferers who are going through the same pain as me? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY
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  3. crispyduck added a comment on a gallery image Cleared up!   

    Been two months now, and i'm feeling great about my skin, i've been moisturising it heaps and heaps, i think this is helping to keep it so clear! just had a look at my first photo i posted and this most recent one and i can hardly believe how much better my skin is now!!! anyone on doxy, make sure to stick with it and use heaps and heaps of moisturiser after every shower and in the middle of the day! i only shave once a week now which i think is causing less irritation to my skin...
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  4. crispyduck added a comment on a blog entry 5 Weeks on Doxycycline   

    glad to hear that ! how is your skin nowadays??
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  5. crispyduck added a post in a topic How Would You Rank My Acne?   

    this is not even acne. Just a few pimples bro haha... you should be very grateful its so light!
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