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  1. silikon 1000 microdroplet technique

    BeautifulAmbition, Do you know if there is any talk of this Ellanse "E" injection being done soon here in the U.S. ?
  2. Post Subcision Results w/Picture

    Don't ice it down as hermatomas & bruising is good to have as long as possible so the skin stays level when you include the suctioning cup with it.
  3. I have never seen scarring like mine

    I could be wrong, But looks like you might have pore scars & a few ice-pick scars.
  4. Mixto laser on cheeks for acne scars

    Dragz (sorry can't remember exact spelling of his name) posted on here about 3+ years ago that he got something like 75% improvement on both cheeks from going to Dr. Rahimi. He did something like 4 Mixto's in one year and also did subcisions. Now he had mostly rolling type scars which is the easiest type to fix among acne scars, And the evidence was there that he got excellent results with plenty of pics in between each visit he saw Rahimi. He also posted his story on real self too. I think he paid $2,500 for first treatment (mixto with subcision included) and each after Mixto treatment would be $500. Now Dragz put him on the map here, and he brought him a whole lot of business based on that long thread he created. So Dr. Rahimi I'm sure was well aware of it as he tells customers to post positive reviews of him on here, realself, & yelp, But what ticks me off within a year he raised his prices doubling it to $5,000(mixto with subcision) and each additional treatment of Mixto(if you wanted more) would be $1,000 more. He basically got greedy. Davin Lim posts most of his info. for free on youtube, But notice Dr. Rahimi on his website if you check his blog he wants you to spend money in buying his book on regards to information on acne scarring. He is selling it on amazon .com One good thing, I will say about Dr.Rahimi is at least he is well trained in performing subcisions. Most Dermatologists out there I would estimate around 95% don't know how to do it and you have some who never even heard of it. Yet most all want to do is push lasers. Not sure about Picosure. Yeah I know Davin Lim said it works for all skin types, But I got rejected from using this laser 2+ years ago as they told me I could get hypopigmentation as I have tan Olive skin and told me I was better off with the dermapen to treat acne scarring and sun damage. But now I'm seeing more & more places promoting that this indeed works for all skin types, but still not at the place I went to. Most U.S. Dermatologist though hardly carry this laser type(the picosure focus) as it is very expensive and cost around $300,000 so obviously most are going to pushed what they already have in their office on the consumer claiming it's the best and discredit anything else out there that they don't have in their office.