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  1. dermabrasion

    Thanks Moh.Ali.     Some People though have very sensitive skin even with the best hands of a Plastic Surgeon and complications can happen.   Just curious who is your Doctor and where are you getting this done at?
  2. Guevara,  You can try posting these same pictures you posted  on RealSelf and will get many opinions by different dermatologist across the States in what they think would work best for you.    Looking at your scaring it looks like scar pores, Ice Picks, & and some box cars.   Your scars are not that deep for subcision as it's more for deep rolling scars and box cars, but looking at your profile I personally think it would be a waste of money.  I would continue with what your doing in dermarolling your scarring and most lasers even the best one's which are very expensive just won't do anything for ice picks.   Those are the hardest to treat.  TCA Cross is probably the best way to deal with ice picks, but I would just do a test with one to see if it works than doing several at once as it could be risky and make it worst.   I don't recommend doing this on your own, but have an experience dermatologist do this for you.   But please just do a test spot first.    Also excision also works for ice picks, but you would be trading  a scar for a more flatter scar, but I wouldn't advise it for you since like I said your scarring isn't as deep.   Chemical peels or dermarolling will work well for the scar pores,  But don't be so overly aggressive to the point of making yourself bleed as you can damage your skin and cause more scarring  in the process.  Good luck and keep us updated.
  3. dermabrasion

    Maybe I'm wrong on this  (Could of swore I read about this many years ago just before Lasers came out for Acne Scars),   But isn't  Dermabrasion meant only for White/ Light skin People and any person who is dark skin complexion or like myself who is olive skin Hispanic can't get this done since it is extremely risky for Hypopigmentation unlike for Caucasian People.  Many Dermatologists back then (this was back in the 1990's) reading from public library  it was not recommended if you have tan/Dark/Black skin.   Anyone care to share if is safe now and the technology of Dermabrasion is safer now for People of color?   I'm assuming no, since most Derms don't seem to bother with this practice any longer?
  4. Please Need Docs For Subcison

    Dr. David Rahimi in Beverly Hills is a really good Doctor and does Subcision. He has had some favorable reviews here from posters like Slee3 (who got something like 50% improvement) on 4 treatments & DragZ who I think got something like 70% better but they both combined that with Mixto Laser and did 4 subcisions with it. I personally wouldn't bother so much with the Mixto Laser as i think he charges something like $5,000 now for first time(it was only $3,000 just 2+ years ago he charge) which he includes it with subcision. After that a 2nd treatment of Mixto is $1,000 each time after. If you are just doing Subcision alone I think he charges somewhere between $300 to $500+ or more currently which is the standard norm from most doctors and it also really depends on how many he has to do(so most Doctors can't quote you a price over the phone until they see you in person), So it could be more or less than this. I read one lady who lives out in San Francisco got a $1,500 one time quote fee for Subcision only and this was just a few months ago which she posted on here. Subcision so you know does not work on mild/Superficial scarring like Ice picks(so if you just have ice picks or pore scars this is not going to work for you). It's best effective for Rolling scars like the deep indents you might have seen that pushes the skin down & some box scar types but best effective for Rolling scars. I would definitely recommend just doing Subcision for now. And then follow what Robertoo is doing(check out his thread) with Cup Suction therapy (3 days after) which you can do at home in private. You can buy the Suction cup on owndoc.com or check out the amazon site that robertoo gives listed on his thread. This should definitely help with leveling the skin surface from the inside out as robertoo got amazing results. Now as far as skin texture if money is no problem for you I'd do the Mixto, but I personally think derma rolling is just as effective than any Laser and you could do this at home for far less money(hardly not much money at all), but it takes a lot of time and patience to see results. And Subcision for most is not a one time thing. To get the best effects you should have a Doctor do them a few months apart as they can tether back down. After 4 to 5 subcission treatments you can then decide if you want to do Fillers, but I would avoid permanent fillers as they are too risky(don't do bellafill or silikon 1000). I'd go with Juvederm voluma for deep indents, but hopefully with doing subcison and suction cup therapy you won't need to spend as much money on Fillers when you need to get them done again. Juvederm Voluma should give you at least 18 to 24+ months in keeping the skin level and even with the other skin. Also don't let him push you into what he wants to do, You are the boss here and you decide what you think is best for you. Radiofrequency is not recommended. I think if you were to do this long term it can age your skin a lot faster as you are burning skin tissue on the inside by using this device. And yes it Focken hurts from what most People have said on realself. The results People have gotten is temporary to None and you are back to square one from that. I'm probably going to see Rahimi myself in January to see him for subcision. If he doesn't work out for you there is also Dr. Mark Taylor out in Salt Lake City, Utah. I really want to see him, But am just too scared from flying in planes, LOL. Best of luck to you.