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  1. Day #14 I broke out a lot this week, particularly on my chin and in the middle of my jawline which I haven’t had before. My face has calmed down in the past two days, and looked a lot better this morning (possibly because I used the original scrub on my face last night?). I’ve been scrubbing every second day now that I think my face can tolerate it, and I would say my forehead and nose are looking smoother. I alternate between the original scrub and the face scrub. I’ve also started using the tea tree gel as a spot treatment exclusively, as I don’t think my Botani cream was having much of an effect. Since I started this, my face is drier but the acne on my jawline has flattened out and I haven’t broken out there as much. Thank you! I'm really liking their range so far, and the original scrub is amazing!! Let me know if you decide to try any of them out, I'd be interested to know what you think.
  2. Day #7 This week my skin calmed down for a few days and then I had a breakout of a few big blind pimples.I would say my chin was worse than usual this week, but I'm guessing this is the initial breakout, and the fact that I'm using scrubs on my face when I haven't for a few years.The left side of my jawline has started to clear up, and while the right side is still broken out, it's calmer and less red than last week. I don't know if this is the skincare though, because my jawline breaks out and then clears up again according to where I am in my cycle. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks. I'm really liking this skincare routine so far, particularly the moisturiser. It absorbs into my skin really well and leaves my skin feeling "normal" and looking matte. I haven't tried it under makeup yet but will post my impressions when I do. I feel like I need to use the original coffee scrub more often, I think I'm going to up this to three times per week, and keep using the face scrub twice a week. Food and water intake were good this week. I've been drinking decaf coffee once or twice a week because I miss having a coffee now and again, and I'm not sure if this is breaking me out or not. Apparently it only has around 12mg of caffeine in it, which is about the same as a cup of tea, so I'm confused as to whether or not it is. I didn't do enough exercise the past week though, although I did my yoga practice a few times, it's still not enough. Hopefully I'll do better this week, even if it's just walking and more yoga.
  3. First impressions of Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub - This stuff is AMAZING. My skin has never been so soft and smooth than after using this. Frank says to wet your skin, rub the scrub all over your body (including your face), and then leave on for 5-10 minutes to let everything absorb. My skin stayed noticeably more smooth/soft for 2-3 days after using it, and even my boyfriend noticed! The smell is really yummy too, though I didn't notice the smell too much after I'd washed it off. Frank recommends cleansing your face after using the scrub if you have oily/combo skin which is what I did. Regardless of whether this has any impact on my acne, I'd definitely keep using this. Creamy Face Cleanser - This cleanser has no fragrance which I like, so it has a nice natural smell (possibly from the charcoal/clay). It didn't make my face feel tight or dry. I like! Creamy Face Scrub - I massaged this into my face and then left it on for 3 minutes. The scrub wasn't too rough on my sensitive skin, though my face was a little red after using. This went away after a few minutes. My skin felt really smooth and soft afterwards. I left my face bare after cleansing and using this, and I could feel slight tingling where I have pimples, so I guess something was happening! Everyday Face Moisturiser - I really like this moisturiser. It sank into my skin quickly and didn't leave my face feeling oily or looking shiny! I only needed a pea-sized amount for my face and neck. It's also fragrance free which is great. Overall I'm really happy with all of the skincare I purchased from Frank Body, and will continue to use all the them. I'm totally in love with the body scrub, and have ordered the Coconut version to try too!
  4. I’ve decided to start a log because I’m starting a new skincare regime, and I want to see if it’s going to make any difference to my acne. I’ve had mild acne for years, basically just hormonal acne on my chin. Since I stopped taking the pill nearly six months ago, I’ve also had mild/moderate acne on my cheeks and jawline (which I’ve never had before), mild acne on my forehead and upper back, and the acne on my chin is worse than it was. I was on and off the pill for seven years. My skin was nearly always broken out on the pill, even after trying numerous different types, and all of the pills I tried made me very emotional and depressed. I’m going to be using the Frank Body skincare line, which promises to help skin conditions like acne, cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis and eczema. Frank Body is also locally made (Australia), natural and not tested on animals, which is important to me. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, have a look at their presence of social media, particularly @frankfeedback on Instagram. They post photos of people who’ve had amazing results using Frank to help treat their skin conditions. So here’s a list of diet/lifestyle things that I’m doing in the hopes of controlling my acne: using the Frank skincare range - using the creamy face cleanser & everyday moisturiser twice a day, the creamy face scrub 2-3 times per week, and the original coffee scrub 2-3 times per week using Botani’s Soothing Facial Mist once a day using either Thursday Plantation’s Medicated Gel for Acne or Botani’s Rescue Acne Cream as a spot treatment twice a day using Alima Pure makeup and washing my makeup brushes regularly drinking 2-3 litres of water per day eating a diet which includes lots of vegetables, making all of my food and snacks, no refined sugars, no dairy, no processed foods drinking warm water and lemon every morning taking a teaspoon of coconut oil every morning changing my pillowcases twice a week practicing yoga and/or meditation most days exercising at least three days per week (walking, jogging etc.) I already do most of these things, so the only things I’ll be changing is my skincare regime and doing more exercise. I've uploaded some photos of my face as it is now, and will be uploading progress photos every week.