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  1. enyonam2112 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Really good. I didn't pop a pimple! At all. That's a success. And it's actually going away just a day after it started to form.
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  2. enyonam2112 added a blog entry in enyonam2112's Blog   

    Day 2
    Day 2

    So I decided to do something drastic. I read on a product review about someone's experience with BP. She said it worked very well for her and I believe it. The only thing was that when she went to France, she had to stop using it because apparently it's illegal to use it in France. In addition, it has the potnetial to give you cancer because she learned that it causes cancer in animals.

    Well, I've never really used BP up until this point. But the ony reason why I'm changing the regimen is because my aunt, who's a pharmacist came to visit. While I wasn't in the room, she told my mom that she also had severe acne, only hers was worse than mine. Her face is 100% clear now. That's because she decided to let it go on its own. Acne, as we all know, is incurable. Hormonal acne is in the blood basically, so the blood works its own way.

    What she did was use medicated antibacterial soap in order to remove the bacteria and moisturizer. No BP. She gently washes her face just to get rid of the excessive oils and bacteria. So I started doing this method:

    Morn and (/sometimes in the afternoon too):

    Tura Germicide Soap
    Hydrogen Peroxide or WItch Hazel
    Olay UV All Day Moisturizer

    Tura Germicide Soap
    Hydrogen Peroxide or Witch Hazel
    Aloe Vera (Lots) (I use a product from whole foods because it also had moisturizing capabilities) (But if I need to use the real one, I'll just put it under a moisturizer or not).

    I started last night after I posted my second entry. I didn't break out that bad when I stopped the BP. Only one pimple looked like it was forming today. But now, it seems like its going back. I'm not posting a picture until next week for you guys to see the results. This is just a test run. And yes, I'm definitely not canceling my order of Acne.org BP. I'm not even sure if this method will work.

    I stopped drinking Cerasee because I want to see if this method will work on its own. No supplements. Nada. I'll just live how I live and see if this works.

    Until tomorrow.
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  3. enyonam2112 added a comment on a blog entry Starting My Acne Regimen!   

    Wow for that lame product you used. I had to change my regimen just now, but for hopefully good reasons. I wish you all the best of luck.
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  4. enyonam2112 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Thanks a bunch. And yeah, I was trying to pretend he was doing that instead haha!
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  5. enyonam2112 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Not so good. Someone was so rude. When walked in the store, he said damn while he watched me. But I ignored him and had to avoid so many stares. It was a bit frustrating. But I put on a happy face because my mom isn't like that. In the end, I'm alright so hey. And that guy can fall off a cliff somewhere. Well. I wouldn't want him dead but....you guys know what I mean lol.....
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  6. enyonam2112 added a blog entry in enyonam2112's Blog   

    Finally. Day One
    So here is day one. Finally. I still haven't received my Acne.org benzoyl peroxide, but everything is going well. Nothing is happening visually, but I've been using this for only a few days so...yeah.

    I just came back from school and the drug store. I decided to replace my current moisturizer Aveeno Facial Moisturizer with Olay All Day Moisturizer. When I felt the texture of the cream, I was more impressed by Olay's than Aveeno's thick and heavy one, so I think I made a pretty good decision.

    The only bad thing I did today was pop one of my pimples. But I popped the rest that were ready the 'Regimen' way, so at least there's some improvement. But still I just saw this helpful article on not popping pimples impulsively, so I'm doing my best to avoid it. Especially when I feel that this regimen is working well. Oh yeah, and I also rubbed my face with the back of my finger a tiny bit during class because it was a little itchy. I didn't do it so much though. I bought some tissue from Rite Aid to help with that during class.

    One thing I'm doing differently is drinking tea every day. It's called Cerasee. Hopefully I spelled that right. But it's a Jamaican tea that cleans your blood. My friend recommended it for me because she said that it helped her mom with her skin. It tastes really bitter, but every time I drink it, I feel really good. I also read from a success story that since it isn't good for BP or moisturizer to go around your eyes, get eye cream. I think I'll go for that later on.

    I'm also planning on putting on some aloe vera after BP before moisturizer because of my scars at night, but I think I'll stick to the regimen for a few months before I start using it for my scars.

    I posted pictures as promised. Brace yourself. Because my sides are what need the most attention. I really have my hopes up for this one. Thank you.

    Until tomorrow.
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  7. enyonam2112 added a comment on a blog entry Day 1-5   

    I've heard of Accutane. It's actually my last stop if the regimen doesn't work because it's such a big step. I'm glad you decided to take the leap. I'm rooting for you!
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  8. enyonam2112 added a blog entry in enyonam2112's Blog   

    Day 0
    May 27th, 2013

    So like the reason I called this 'Day 0', was because even though I started the regimen, I kind of switched products a bit. I'm using Proactive Repair Treatment as my BP while I'm waiting for my Acne.org 16oz BP. Best decision of my life. I'm also trying to wait to get the Acne.org moisturizer and jojoba oil, but until then, I'm stuck with Aveeno Daily Moisturizer SPF 15. So until I really get my Regimen set ready, this will be day 0 until then. Ha.

    I've had acne ever since I was around twelve, just a few years after I moved to America from Ghana. It was really bad. Each day my face grew worse, and since I hated them so much, I would constantly pick on my skin. In addition to that, having to get over culture shock and bouts of school bullying didn't help either. I still have acne, but now I have decided to do whatever it took to control it. This is seriously like my last stop. If this doesn't work, then at least I'll work with making sure my face is clean. Anyways,

    My current products being used for the regimen aren't giving me any issues. But I still want to use Acne.org products for the full effect. My cleanser right now is CeraVe. I love it a lot, so no Acne.org cleanser for now until I feel like trying it.

    I feel really good. My face feels cleaner, even though I gently cleaned it. And it's ironic that not scrubbing it makes it more cleaner. I have my hopes up. Wish me luck guys!

    And I'm gonna add pictures soon!

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  9. enyonam2112 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    This is my first time here. It feels really good to know that there are people out there who are trying to clear their acne just like me. I always felt that no one understood, but I think I'm in a good place now. I am on my way to starting the regimen. Today was the second time I went out without makeup. And my face is literally covered and messed up. Scars, cysts, blackheads, you name it. So it was nerve wracking, and I did have someone comment on it. But other than that, I feel really good!
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