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  1. Acne In The Media

    It's an interesting contrast. I looked at the Em Ford video she has bad cystic acne. It's unusual how it is only on her face. She is a beautiful woman, I think the video is more of a statement and a little dramatic (tears). She is capitalizing off it promoting makeup for a high traffic youtube channel. It does reveal a lot about society. James Hetfield (Metallica) has pretty bad acne scarring, but he can afford to fix them if he really wanted, so in a sense it's also a bit of a statement even if it's "I don't care". But if he wasn't rich/famous and you met him in a bar he would probably be looked upon as ugly/meth freak/ect. The main difference is in general it isn't socially acceptable for men to wear the kind of makeup to conceal serious acne. You can always wear some but you will be judged as being vain/effeminate/gay/ect by most people. Makeup was originally adopted in Western culture by prostitutes to conceal syphilis scars. I think in a way it is natural to see acne as ugly because from an evolutionary perspective it reflects a deeper health disorder. It is ridiculous that it isn't treated as such but instead as a superficial condition. My theory with accutane is that it is being demonized because it is an effective cure in most situations. There is no money in curing.
  2. Acne Is Ruining My Life

  3. Dry Skin Accutane?

    I like everyone was terrified of accutane until I went on it. Dry skin IS WHAT YOU WANT! Acne and oily skin is a nightmare. IT IS EASY TO MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN.
  4. accutane = hair loss

    I suffered from terrible acne until my early 40's. Around that time I began losing my hair. Refusing to be bald with acne I went on accutane. My hairloss didn't worsen at all. I wish to god I had gone on accutane sooner so I could have at least had 10 years of perfection.
  5. My youth was ruined by acne. Actually my whole life maimed, I could have been a model with my looks but severe acne kept me hidden from the world. Also massively damaged self esteem led me into many bad relationships, poor career and life choices which compounded the situation. It is true to a huge extent that confidence is everything. Eventually you can't afford to make mistakes so you mature but are always catching up. Most people don't have to battle with this kind of curse for the better half of their life. Go on accutane sooner than later.
  6. What Type Of Treatment For Oil Plugs?

  7. I've noticed something lately. If you look at TV or any media, you see all kinds of people. Fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, tall, short, tan, pale, bald, old, etc. The one thing you never see is acne. I mean like never, unless it's an acne treatment advert. Obviously there is makeup and such, but even in public, it is quite rare these days for me to see anyone with noticeable acne. I wonder how rare adult acne is?
  8. I Will Never Find Love

    Well if it makes you feel better, romantic love is a myth. Make lots of money and you won't be able to get rid of people who "love" you. This will also help you pay for the scarring to be removed.
  9. I Will Never Find Love

    Actually to be honest I dated a couple really attractive girls who had bad cystic acne. They had a lot of guys after them. I noticed that in general guys are much more forgiving than women about acne, and yes this does show up in polls. In any case I suffered for 20 years before going on accutane. I can say 100% my life would be better in so many ways if I had done it when I was younger. Don't waste your life accutane works even low doses.
  10. I have a phototherapy device that outputs red and blue LED simultaneously. There are many studies published on red/blue phototherapy indicating its effectiveness for acne. However looking at them I noticed they alternate between red and blue on different days rather than use them simultaneously. I have heard doing both red and blue simultaneously can cancel each other out. Many of the older acnelamp and similar products deliver simultaneous red and blue. Has anyone have any bad or good results from simultaneous red/blue LED treatment?