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    Bp Making Eyelids Puffy
    Hi all, i'm just 3 days in on The Regimen and my eye lids are relatively puffy. I make a point to avoid my eye area & wash my hands afterwards incase any is left on my fingers & I touch my eyes or something.

    I assume it's the BP because a few months ago I used "Clean & Clear Continuous Control" which had 10% BP and my eyelids had the same reaction.

    Since i'm just starting The Regimen i'm only using a pea sized amount and like I said before, I'm very concious to avoid my eye area.

    My eyelids aren't super puffy, like I don't think anyone would notice if they looked at me, but I can see a difference. And I recognize the beginning stages of my eyelids getting puffier because it happened before with the Clean & Clear product.

    Basically, has this happened to anyone else & how do I fix this?

    I'd rather not stop using it, but obviously I will if the puffyness continues and/or gets worse.
    Are there any products I can use on my eyes to make them not effected by the BP? Or make the puffyness go away (it lasts all day-not just til the BP is absorbed).

    Thanks so much!
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