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  1. JJohn117 added a post in a topic Daily 30 Minute Massages On Face Eradicates Scars?   

    Hey Aquaseas, thank you so much for your in depth answer!

    I appreciate the heads up on the rosehip oil, I've definitely had it for longer than 6 months lol. I've been trying to eat healthier/greener lately for not just my acne but overall health anyway. I'm still going to eat meat sometimes, but it's a work in progress! I've been making fruit/veggie smoothies daily and I have to say I feel way better and I think it's making an impact on my skin. It's hard to tell though since I've been on retin-a at the same time. Also, I told my dermatologist I didn't want to take an oral acne medication so he gave me natural multi-vitamin pills that help for acne prone skin (he's into the healthy-natural approach as well).

    A few more questions though if you don't mind. You said not to drink tea, I found this interesting. Were you just referring to regular black tea or any kind of tea? I drink green tea sometimes being under the impression that it is good for my overall skin/health. Do you disagree with this sentiment? Also, I noticed you said sea water helps and I do agree. But for when I don't go to the beach, how do you feel about epsom salt? I'll sometimes take an epsom salt bath when I'm sore from working out or I'll just mix it with my cleanser and use it as a gentle scrub on my face/back. Lastly, I'm told not to take much sun because of my Retin-A and it was my bright idea to start taking it in the summer. I'm very pale right now and I tan rather nicely, should I try getting some color from the sun with SPF or will my skin just burn really bad because of the Retin-A? I feel like the sun will help my overall skin and the color will make my red marks look a lot less noticeable.

    Once again, thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it.
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  2. JJohn117 added a post in a topic Daily 30 Minute Massages On Face Eradicates Scars?   

    Thanks for the thread aquasea, it's been an interesting read to say the least. My acne was really bad last year, but has dwelled down. Unfortunately, I get lingering hyperpigmentation from my continual breakouts. I started Retin-A about 3 weeks ago and my overall skin feels better and my breakouts have been healing quicker. Hopefully this means I'm starting to get less overall acne and will soon be able to focus on my hyperpigmentation/scars. I have rosehip oil in my house because I use it once in a while on my scar I had from a sports injury. I'm afraid to use it on my face right now since I still do have somewhat active acne. When/If I stop breaking out, do you recommend doing the 30 minute massages with the rosehip oil and then applying the Retin-A? Thanks!
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