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  1. Yes, i use Acne.org BP, and moisturizer. I occasionally use the Jaba oil and acid, but dont really have a need for it.
  2. I am NOT seeing more breakouts, as a matter of fact, i have no new ones popping up. Not sure how long thats going to last though doing it this way.
  3. Dry Skin!

    Interesting regimen you have! I keep it simple I guess with the classic twice a day cleanser, BP, and Moisturizer. Ive noticed I do have a lot less flaking if I mix the BP with the moisturizer and then apply, instead of the two step process. Have not noticed much difference in acne doing it this way also!
  4. Every so often, ill mix the BP with the moisturizer and apply it to my face instead of the two step process. Reason being, it allows me to rush a quick dry and be out the door if im leaving for the night. Also its easier! Is this process a lot less affective then the classic regimen? So far i noticed my skin is a lot less flaky/dry. Which is a huge plus but is that because the BP isnt being as affective? Will i see more breakouts down the road?