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  1. Body regiment please help me (pics)

    I see peeling, and also noticing NO acne what so ever. Simple fix. Use Less! Try using a tad bit of moisturizer as well. Cant hurt. Should solve your problem. Note: AHA isnt needed for the regimen, more or less just there if you "need" it for more severe/serious situations IMO.
  2. Should I quit the regimen?

    If it was 2-3 months i would say sure, go ahead. But it hasn't even been a month! Keep going! I have cystic acne and it cleared me 100%. Sounds like you need to hold off on the BP and ease into it slowly. Use once a day and add more and more every so often, until your applying twice a day a decent amount. Use a LOT of moisterizour day and night regardless if you put on BP or not! Hope this helps.
  3. I quit the regimen/ my new regimen

    Sad to see it didn't work. Less than a month (technically) is pretty quick to pull the trigger. I would have atleast waited 2 months but either way, I hope you find something that works for you!
  4. Should i try the Regimen

    I haven't used Epiduro but I have used previous BP products from other brands and regimes. I switched to Dans Regimine with his products and I can't be more happy. 100% clear. I had terrible acne that I used tons and tons of products on with no luck. Let me ask you this. If it works, how big of a deal will this be? If it doesn't work whats the worst that will happen? You said it yourself, Epiduro kind of helps so might as well switch to Dans product and if anything, it just wont work quite as good as you expect (which I don't see happening). Give it a go!
  5. Body Regimen

    Apply cleanser to your body and then apply BP after you dry up. Nothing else needed.
  6. 3 Months And No Improvement

    Finger length BP might not be enough. I apply about 2 finger lengths every night and have had great success with it. Make sure your face is fully covered and no spots are extremely thin on BP. Morning and night!
  7. Well with old age comes less acne so that's irrelevant IMO. To answer your question though, not everyone needs a thick coat but its still critical you get every square centimeter of your face (atleast for me) with a light coat. If I miss spots then sometimes i break out in that exact spot. If I cover my whole face it adds up to a decent amount but I wouldn't call it "slathering" my whole face. Its a necessary amount.
  8. My acne Problem

    Yes, start using the Regimen and educate yourself with all the good information on this page! It will work!
  9. Dry skin

    Same thing happened to me, I used ample moisturizer to counter it. Also added jaba oil and it was still flaky to an extent. I then realized I could hold off on the BP every morning and apply only at night (while still adding moisturizer day and night) and that worked 100% for me. See if you can still enjoy good results with once a day application!
  10. Do what works for you and your skin. You can start with little amounts and add more and more as time goes on if your skin is reacting bad. Use ample moisturizer though! If your skin isn't to bad then keep sticking it out. Not a big deal. If its reacting pretty bad then try holding off and working your way up slowly.
  11. Avoiding Irritating Sunscreen

    I use this stuff and mix it in with my moisturizer. I don't have any problems with irritation but that's just me! https://jet.com/product/detail/63fe431260c340f8b0ed0503d6b3fbaf?jcmp=pla:ggl:cwin_jd_health_beauty_a3:personal_care_cosmetics_skin_care_a3_top:na:PLA_344687460_23650785060_pla-154175280300:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15&ds_c=cwin_jd_health_beauty_a3&ds_cid&ds_ag=personal_care_cosmetics_skin_care_a3_top&product_id=63fe431260c340f8b0ed0503d6b3fbaf&product_partition_id=154175280300&gclid=CLDgperu4s0CFQyNaQodLm8LjQ&gclsrc=aw.ds
  12. Would you recommend the regimen if

    If i feel a Pimple coming through, (before i can see it ) i just dab BP on it day and night and it makes the severity half as bad. You might want to order a small amount of BP just for spot treatment IMO. The whole regimen is over kill though, i agree.
  13. That's normal. Moisturizer takes 10 minutes to dry give or take 5. Try using less BP or night only to avoid the extreme dry skin (while still being generous day and night with moisturizer). Slowly add more BP if you need it and if your skin permits!
  14. Breakouts after 1 year on regime???

    There have been reports of users having the same thing happen. Whether its 6 months or a couple years after first use. I don't know much about it but if your doing EVERYTHING the SAME, then evidently something isn't right. It must not be effective on your skin anymore and I have no further advice on this topic. Sorry to hear but yeah, 4 pimples a day is a lot compared to having clear skin every day you woke up for a year.
  15. Body Regimen

    Moisturizer is a waste of money for the body. Like others have said, it's unnecessary since the skin is more resilient and less susceptible to drying out. I use cleanser and then add BP. That's it. Works for me but do what works for you!
  16. When did you guys see results

    Personally, it took me about 1-2 weeks to see any kind of noticeable change. My back acne however, took 2-3 times longer to see any kind of change! Stick it out and don't give up to soon.
  17. Is this a serious question? You really wet your face 5 times a day? I hate to ask that but yes, it will affect it no doubt. How much you might ask? That's your you to figure out I guess.
  18. My face gets extremely red!! help!!!

    Good idea on using BP at night only. I used to put it on day and night because my skin was so bad and I had little faith in it being clear otherwise. I realized I could keep BP off during the day with satisfying results, so go for it! Load up at night though and dont forget to be generous with moisturizer day and night Saves money, and I don't burn nearly as easy in the sun!
  19. I had moderate acne as well. I had to use BP day and night until it went away, then I realized I could keep it off during the day with satisfying results. Last summer I was extremely tan on my face (very embarrassing) from using during the day, granted I had no sun screen on. Today, I just look like a normal tan because I load up at night and just moisturize during the day (having the luxury of not putting on sun screen on still). In your situation I would still keep BP off during the day but I would bring along my sun block to mix in with my moisturizer. Here's the sun screen I use: https://jet.com/product/detail/191d4da0e5f143cc86d39082a9acf396?jcmp=pla:ggl:cwin_jd_health_beauty_a3:personal_care_cosmetics_skin_care_a3_other:na:na:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15&k_clickid=e0a91ab9-6749-4e41-9fab-8b15d6becd3b&abkId=403-766832&gclid=CLTL8dX888oCFZGIaQodUFcHDg And because we tan easier than the average person, id use SPF 40 ish +
  20. 2 months 3 weeks

    Im having trouble understanding what's going on exactly. Is the regimen working for your acne but it just leave's the skin to dry? And then your acne comes back when stopping it? Or is your acne still there with the the regimen, as well as dry skin? I'd say stick it out. My face took about 6-8 weeks to start drying out and boy was it rough! Moisturize day and night and be generous with it.