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  1. I've been dealing with these clogged pores (or enlarged pores) and redness on my face for years and years. I'm not sure how to get rid of these exactly. I've tried a lot of different things and none have really helped that much. I tried tca/salicylic chemical peels, dermarolling, blackhead remover tool, clarisonic mia, pore strips and charcoal masks. I was thinking of buying a microdermabrasion device. Do you think that's my best option? Or should I try retin A, AHA's, more healthy diet, do a cleanse, supplements, or decrustination at a spa? I'm running out of ideas, and I feel that this is really holding me back. I have less than $200 to spend on my face so need to pick the best option. I'm starting to also consider using a skin lightening product like Kojic acid. Even if it doesn't unclog pores, it can make everything less red which might be good enough. I'm trying to search online for before and after pictures of people who had similar skin as mine but who fixed theirs. So I could see what product they used and just copy that. Thanks. Pics -
  2. Buying Advice For Dermaroller

    So should I buy the $7 one? Is there any safety issues with buying a cheap one like that? Also should I buy a copper peptide serum or a vitamin C serum to go along with it?
  3. I want to buy a dermaroller but all the listings I saw months ago on amazon are gone so now I'm kinda stuck. I see some people selling them for $6-7 on ebay, which are the purple color ones. I see some expensive zgts and dermacit ones for around $17-$20. Not sure what to do. The cheaper ones claim to be titanium needles but seems too good to be true. Any ideas? I'd prefer not to spend more than $20. Thanks.