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  1. Spiro Manufacturers

    Hello everyone! I haven't posted here in a long time, I always feared this day would come where I would have to come back because of the dreaded acne. Some of you might remember me, some of you may not. Here is my issue, I have been using a specific brand of Spiro 100 mg for over two years now. I was using the Walgreens manufacture amneal. I chose to switch pharmacies, because Walgreens is terrible. That's a story for another time. Once my Spiro was being filled with target, I started breaking out again. And it's very depressing. Some of might remember me, and if so, you'll remember I had a tough battle with acne, and that I did a seven month course of Accutane. I got curious about what was causing me to break out all the sudden, then I remembered that I saw something on this site about different brands of Spiro that people reacted better to or worse to. So I saw that target had qualitest brand. So I caved and went back to Walgreens for my Spiro prescription. Does this right true for anyone else? Thanks, Betsy