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  1. doctor wants to put me on HCG monotherapy in lieu of TRT bc of age. anyone know anything positive about this? Would my muscles respond well, but more importantly the depression? Again, my t levels were so beyond low. I knew they were low but not this low. I may just opt for trt. i don't want to waste anymore time. and i have been taking taurine for the last 2 months so don't suggest that.
  2. So I just got my bloodwork back.  I have T levels of a 75 year old man. My total test is 152. I'm 21 years old. My free test is 2.9. I'm 21 years old. My doctor wants to run another test checking more things next week. I want to kill myself. I think today might be the day. I did the test in the morning on an empty stomach. Just like what was told to me.  I always knew my T levels were sup optimal. Not 150 fucking NG/DL's. I really can't take life right now. I got nothing. I got no one. And you know what the worst part is? I don't WANT anything. I don't WANT anyone. And thats the worst part. When the "want" goes. Not having is one thing. Suffering is one thing. But Not WANTING? That's when you know its the end. I'm sick of this shit.   
  3. wow super high testosterone? you're libido is dead? I on the other hand have levels of about 400 and im 21. Doctor doesn't want to do anything about it but i'm miserable. thinking about ordering online.  and yes I have tried every single possible way to get it up naturally. And the test was first thing in the am on a fasted state.
  4. does anyone know if SAM-e has anti-histamine properties. It could help my mast cell activation which i had prior to accutane, but of course, accutane made it worse.    I can't really find anything on the relation of the two. 
  5. Be careful with the  Astaxanthin. Studies show it is a potent DHT inhibitor and can possibly mess with 5ar
  6. so yes to st. johns wart or no? any really bad sides that can come from it? I would need it for my depression more so than it helping with physical  accutane sides. Just don't want to take it if it will fuck me up more.
  7. do you honestly think this hasn't been tried?
  8. can you list the things that will promote natural igf. thanks
  9. Relentless, I have that gaunt, thin, pale look too. Any idea how to fix this other than exercise to maybe boost circulation. I get sun, but the tan only lasts like 1 day. Its as if accutane destroyed the melanin in my skin or something. I am thinking about taking beta carotene or astaxanthin. ANd the thin look, its killer. Makes me look like i have aids or am on meth. 
  10. taurine gave me such a bad break out in is the taurine no doubt. Only thing I changed.  I'm not saying that its a bad obviously had an effect on something. I'm just scared to continue. any advice? I take zinc etc.
  11. Relentless, can you explain other than Taurine what you did? What other things you take? Diet? Exercise? etc.??/
  12. i don't think he meant to offend you. You replied to something about his ejaculation and he was genuinely confused, thats all. just calling it like i see it.
  13. taurine has also been shown to counteract wasting away in patients treated w chemotherapy drugs---obviously relative to accutane.  My only concern is I hope this isn't just another promising thing that ends up being a waste that this thread as seen too many times. It happened with manganese, cannabis, and other things. People talk about something for a good 2 months, and then it dies down bc it wasn't too beneficial. Whatever, i'll be trying taurine. Cheap and can't hurt. 
  14. you gotta fucking stop dude.