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  1. You probably got the TMJ from the accutane. Not the ssri. I have it too. Luckily, no pain. just a constant popping and clicking. The accutane dries out the joitns.
  2. only reason this thread is still around and not taken down is probs because it pulls in ad revenue somehow tbh. literally nothing is of use on this thread.
  3. Yep. I lack the understanding of energy medicine along with 99% of the scientific community. how do you figure.
  4. It's funny you quote Schopenhauer as he is a man who possesses realist views on math and science, something that is severely lacking in this thread for the past 3 years, and is only hindered by the bullshit quackery of "field control therapy" and everything else you propose. Schopenhauer would have a nice laugh at that.