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  1. i don't think he meant to offend you. You replied to something about his ejaculation and he was genuinely confused, thats all. just calling it like i see it.
  2. taurine has also been shown to counteract wasting away in patients treated w chemotherapy drugs---obviously relative to accutane.  My only concern is I hope this isn't just another promising thing that ends up being a waste that this thread as seen too many times. It happened with manganese, cannabis, and other things. People talk about something for a good 2 months, and then it dies down bc it wasn't too beneficial. Whatever, i'll be trying taurine. Cheap and can't hurt. 
  3. you gotta fucking stop dude. 
  4. tryingtohelp, you sound very knowledgeable. any idea why the entire skin of my body is thinning. This is gradual, and it started right after accutane usage. Its the weirdest thing. I know they say when you're on accutane, your skin is more thin and fragile, but mine never recovered, and is getting worse.
  5. any ways to halt telomere shortening other than the usual-- anti-oxidants, healthy living, and anti aging protocols? I honestly think this has something to do with it as well. 
  6. just thought i'd share, and in no way am i promoting or advertising something like some people do here, which is why i won't include the source. I ordered some MK-677, a HGH secretagogue, and 3 days in, i'm LOVING IT. Obviously not a cure, but the improvement in sleep is remarkable, the energy it gives is outstanding, and the sense of well being is incredible. The only downside is it really makes you hungry. I mentioned to Macleod about SARMS like LGD and Ostarine regarding muscle mass, but I decided not to go with them because i hear of suppression (the last thing we need). Although MK-677 is listed under SARMS (don't know why) it is in no way a SARM. It an an orally active HGH peptide. Nothing to do with testosterone. I've been reading that these research liquids are quite the controversy and the FDA are working on a bill to make them illegal. Figures. We can put poison in our bodies but we can't use something that actually may be beneficial. Also, there are PUBMED studies on MK-677 in elderly people regarding bone and muscle effects. I have yet to workout on it, but I am sure it will be of some help. Again, 3 days is wayyyy too early to make definitive conclusions, but thus far, i am pretty happy. Added bonus, it could help skin.  The label says not for human consumption, but the seller has to say that under law, because it is still under testing. If i ingested accutane, i knew this could only be better. I'll follow up with this in a week. 
  7. For those with muscle loss or weakness, Macleod specifically, have you ever tried selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS)?? They are the closest thing to steroids but without the sides. I hear LGD-4033 is a good one. Maybe worth trying it. Apparently it's really goo for muscles---also doesn't target liver.  I Want to give this a try.
  8. ^ i dont think she does acne scarring. only burns/eyebrows