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  1. I pretty sure their clogged pores?? Help

    For those kind of bumps I think it's best to use a good chemical exfoliator. It sounds a bit harsh but they can be as gentle or strong as you like. salicylic acid is a good one to start off with, it's pretty gentle and is in most acne products but I think your best to use a serum or a toner with salicylic acid in it in order to get the most benefit, you could start off just using it at night to see how your skin reacts. I do like apple cider vinegar, but even diluted I did find it quite harsh on my skin, even though it's natural. I've heard philosophy do a good salicylic acid serum and Paula's choice have a good range but there are a load of brands out there. Lactic acid is also quite gentle and effective, I use a cleanser that has a small amount in it and it doesn't cause any irritation. One other thing you might want to look in to is pityrosporum folliculitis, it is basically inflammation of the hair follicles and looks like acne, it requires slightly different treatment thought, however salicylic acid can still help this as it is keep your pores clear but some people also have success treating this with anti fungal creams or washes like Nizoral. I have also read coconut oil isn't great for acne and can block your pores and the jojoba oil might not be helping, although I have heard people with acne get on well with it. Maybe try switching one of these up and see if it has any effect. Good Luck x