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  1. I have a mild form of PCOS and I've been taking Sprintec/ortho cycles for three months now and am not seeing much results in my acne.... I'm feeling depressed and insecure. Should I supplement with inositol? Has any tried this?
  2. Oh i see! You can take antibiotics and birth control at the same time?
  3.     Seriously?  How come it takes so short for others and so long for some?! I really just don't want to wreck my face waiting and then have nothing improve.... Did you take BC?
  4. I just finished my third pack of ortho cyclen/sprintec, and my acne hasn't improved much at all. It hasn't gotten worse necessarily, but not a noticeable difference.... Should I stick it out, or switch to a different pill? My acne is mild to moderate.. Background info: I have a mild form of PCOS and was told that monophasic pills would be better for me. Please, any insight would be helpful