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  1. dizzyabby added a post in a topic How To Take Spironolactone   

    Thanks very much for this post! I have been taking spiro now for 2 months and have been taking my tablet later on at night, so will definitely try to take it earlier in the day now I have read this, and also try to take it with more food!

    I'm still getting new spots, but reading this has helped me realise I have to be really patient with it and keep the faith!
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  2. dizzyabby added a comment on a gallery image Before & After Spironolactone 6 months   

    6 months of progress!
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  3. dizzyabby added a post in a topic Started Epiduo - killed spots but also killed my skin   

    Hi there,

    I was just reading though this post and i think i recognise you from a video i watched on youtube! Did you do an epiduo review on there? I am currently using epiduo at night and also just started spironolactone (which was a nightmare to get prescribed in the UK, had to proper nag!).

    Oh and i'm Abby too! haha!
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