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  1. smsm added a blog entry in smsm's Blog   

    last month my one and only wish was to wake up with nothing new on my after my wish came true,,i am like : daaaaaaaamn how can i get rid of all these red marks!!!

    well,,i know my face may break out any calmed down suddenly and this might be the "calm before the storm" I HOPE NOT!!

    i'm still using the face cleanser and the moisturizer twice a day..this is how my face looks like now..
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  2. smsm added a comment on a blog entry Is This A Coincidence?!   

    yea u are right!!i'm considering mixing it with something but only as a spot treatment!
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  3. smsm added a comment on a blog entry Is This A Coincidence?!   

    thxx dear i'm so happy too!! :')
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  4. smsm added a comment on a blog entry Is This A Coincidence?!   

    well the only derm available now (covered by my insurance) is a 1000 years old doctor who doesn't seem to trust anything except for "Zineryt" !! so i'll pass

    btw the burn was caused by b.p itself not a real "sun"burn..that's why i had to stop it..

    thx for ur advice
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  5. smsm added a comment on a blog entry Is This A Coincidence?!   

    did u gave up on like i did??or you were still on it when ur face eventually cleared ??

    (edited comment)>>>>>>>>i have just sneaked a peak at ur profile and now i know ur story
    thx for stopping by
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  6. smsm added a blog entry in smsm's Blog   

    Is This A Coincidence?!
    well,,i'm confused now!!

    after four days on the regimen i decided to quit after my face burned badly ...

    today (three days later ) 95% of redness in gone,, and,,,,,,,i have no "new" pimples or zits or any kind of acne!!i haven't woken up with nothing new on my face for soooo long!!!!
    my left cheek has no acne at all now!!just red spots with no,,(hmm i don't know how say it) texture?!just red spots!
    my right cheek still has three ones (they were newborns when i started the regimen).. i really hope and pray they would just die like the others without any reproduction!! :'( and of course i still have red spots too...

    so,,was it b.p??? does it have a "four days" magical effect??or may face was meant to start clearing up during last week?? was it a coincidence??

    should i apply b.p on these three bastards??? (not on my whole face)
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  7. smsm added a comment on a blog entry Day 7   

    my advice (based on personal experience)
    1)apply moisturizer as much as you can even if you don't feel that your face is dry..more than 3 times a day for starters ..believe me this is VERY important from day 1!!

    2)artificial tears..i don't know how to tell you how important they are,,but i can tell you that i didn't care much about this at the beginning ,,then i realized it the hard way,,and now i still have vision problems and still on artificial tears (almost two years after stopping accutane)

    3)after the second month i experienced frequent nose bleeds because my mucosa layer (or whatever it is inside the nose) was very dray plus it was be careful with that and always carry some tissues with you..

    4)about lip balm,,it was a major problem for many of my friends on accutane,,but for me it wasn't because i was already a lip balm freak,,so i was happy about that...

    5)my derm didn't mention anything to me about i discovered about it the hard way lol can only shave while on accutane ..but it was okay for me to pluck my eyebrows ,i experienced minor redness that's all,,but waxing my legs was a journey through hell

    i hope this advice is of some help to you!!good luck!!
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  8. smsm added a blog entry in smsm's Blog   

    Damage Control
    so today my face is 24 hrs b.p free.. burned skin started to peel off but it hurts when i try to help it peel so i left it to take it's time..

    my face is exactly like my shoulders in the day after when i swim for too long under the sun without any sunscreen snake changing it's i know i know you get it no more examples

    i asked a doctor friend what to do to make it heal faster,,and she advised me to use a topical cream called "Mebo"'s a great moisturizer and it accelerates skin healing plus help with reducing scars..i don't know if it's available world wide or if there is something similar contains Sesame oil (oleic acid,linoleic acid,sesamin) ,cactus extract,beeswax..

    the funny thing is that i totally forgot about acne because i was too busy thinking about my burned face!!

    damn you acne vulgaris :@ :@ they should invent vaccines for it !! will someone please start to study this idea i'm not smart enough
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  9. smsm added a comment on a blog entry White Flag   

    yea i feel sorry too coz during these four days my acne already started to calm down!! i really wanted to continue but it was too much for me to handle..

    thanks for ur support :D
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  10. smsm added a blog entry in smsm's Blog   

    White Flag
    this is the fifth and LAST day on the regimen...i believe i am allergic to bp because now i my face is chemically burned ... yes burned it's not just RED now i also have burned areas around my mouth and under the area around my eyes,,l

    ast night was a hell of a night ,i couldn't sleep because my face burned so much i couldn't take it no more so i went to wash my face..that's when i looked at myself in the mirror and OMG i looked like an evil creature from horror movies!!!

    my face calmed down a little now (this picture is AFTER it calmed down),,

    for those on the regimen with no significant problems,,,you are lucky and i really wish you best of luck <3

    for those intending to try The regimen,,GO FOR IT!!!it didn't work for me but it worked for many many people..i have seen that myself....but try a little amount only on a small area at first just to make sure you are not allergic or your skin is not so sensitive..

    and for me..i'll stay in my cave for a while ... i won't be applying ANYTHING on my face for a loong loooooong time!!

    if anything,,maybe i'll try antibiotics but NOTHING topical

    thanks for supporting me ..i'll stick around coz i can relate to many ppl here
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  11. smsm added a comment on a blog entry Day 4 On "the Regimen"   

    i think i will stop for now until i could order the 2.5% bp online or something..i can't take it anymore!!

    i'm not usually a quitter,but this really made me quit for now!
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  12. smsm added a comment on a blog entry Day 4 On "the Regimen"   

    good luck with Accutane!!i'm trying my best to be positive but the burning sensation keeps reminding me how hard it's gonna be!!

    about accutane,,use as much artificial tears as u can !!more than 5 times a day,,this is a 10000000 $ advice trust me!!! i have vision problems now because i didn't care so much about it back then!! be careful and good luck again
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  13. smsm added a comment on a blog entry Day 4 On "the Regimen"   

    i am using a pea sized amount once a day,,the problem is we don't have 2.5 % bp where i live so i am using 5% ,maybe that's what's making things worse..

    wow a month and a half...hmmmm
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  14. smsm added a post in a topic 10 Weeks On The Regimen   

    i have just seen your before and after pictures and CONGRATULATIONS!! you look amazing !!

    i am on day 4 and my face burns like hell and it's VERY red,,did you experience something like that??does it go away after a while??

    should i give up :/
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  15. smsm added a comment on a blog entry Day 4 On "the Regimen"   

    my skin is sensitive too,,how can i know if i have to give up on it?? 3 months is too much for me :(

    i am taking it slowly ... once a day...

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