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  1. Considering Accutane?

    I was on this website a few years back. At the time I was just starting DKR and it worked fairly well for me up until now. I don't want to discourage anyone because it really is an amazing product however I feel that my skin does not react to it anymore. Along with that I can't find a moisturizer that works with my skin since it's very oily, most moisturizers break me out so I refrain from using one and that makes my skin very hard and my pores look huge. I've recently started to just consider going on accutane.. I didn't do it before because I read so many horror stories and how bad the side effects were. I wanted to hear from people who have been on accutane and what their experience was like. I'd greatly appreciate it
  2. Accutane - does it work?

    Is this a joke?