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  1. Post Inflammatory Erythema?

    anyone with any luck?
  2. Not PIH, really need your help?

    @FriskyCreekyour comment on a psychiatrist says everything I need to know about you. IPL is the only recommendation my dermatologist has made. I've seen maybe 6 dermatologists about this redness and most say I just need to give it time. It's been four years. Yes, when I'm 152 years old I'm sure it will fade slightly. Great treatment plan doc! Honestly the doctors just don't care. And I don't blame them because I don't really care about them either. I'm just another patient who pays his co-pay and moves through the office. The only doctors with an action plan suggest IPL. The IPL I had last week made the redness get worse and took until today (4 days later) for the redness to get back to where it was before the IPL.I really really don't have the time or the patience anymore.
  3. Not PIH, really need your help?

    This photo was taken a while ago and I've posted it on this board before. The redness is still there and its been 4 years. @Kid Charlemagne, tell me again how thankful I should be. @Robertitoo, I've had this since I was 19.